Let's try an experiment.

We can all agree that Reach had it’s issues. Some of these issues were a direct result of the game code, others were actually caused and made worse by us, the community. The problems caused by the community range from Griefing, rampant team killing, stat padding, and just plain selfishness.

Now, many of these problems can actually be solved very easily if the community worked together (stupid, but still possible). These issues can be linked to a complete breakdown of communication, or complete lack of. Let us take griefing and team killing first. Much of the team killing is the direct result of selfishness and lack of communication. Example, the game begins, everyone wants the sniper rifle, the unfortunate aspect of that issue is no one communicated their intentions before the game started. Why you ask, simply put, many players do not use their mics. Whether this is due to annoying players, or the fear of being harassed by another player or players. Welcome to the internet, right. Reach actually does not reward a player for teamwork, so why use it right. So when a player picks up the sniper that another player wanted, what happens, either that player gets betrayed, or does the betraying, thus causing problems for the entire game and team. If communication were to return, players could designate a sniper thus eliminating hostility. Would this happen, probably not.

Reach rewards you for time played, not skill. Not that everyone doesn’t know this already, but many have forgotted just how to have fun. This is the most important part.

Let us, the community, try an experiment for the sake of argument. Let us use this thread to bring players together that wish to communicate and use teamwork. We can come together for the common good, and have a good time. If you are looking for games that you can enjoy again, please post in and follow this thread. Let us use this as a tool to form teams of players that wish to communicate and use teamwork to have a good time.

If no one is interested in taking part in this experiment, I completely understand, but I believe the community is really good and can come back from this bad situation.

Let’s try this for the weekend and see what happens. What do we have to lose?

even though I agree with your cause and support it. Halo 4 is less than 2 months away and reaches days are numbered. I think 343 is looking away from halo reach and more on halo 4

> bring players together that wish to communicate and use teamwork

You mean like a friends list?

ah - you must have 100 gamer friends who all can game at exactly the same time you do. I have friends all over the planet, and can still find times when no one is on Reach. (then again, I work and volunteer, so I only play at random times.)

I usually go into games with the mic on, but as soon as the trash talking (from GUESTS!) starts - click.

TC, every issue that you’ve spoken about, my clan also feels is important.

Let me know if you’re interested.

Yeah the selfishness and the beatrayals “Because im way better than you with the sniper” are getting relly annoying and people relly need to remember how to have fun without boosting their stats against newer players. But even I find it hard to enjoy the game now that actionsack is gone D:

Then I relly don’t know how you want to get the teamwork starting again… It’s been gone for a while and as I don’t mind teamwork and talking in gamechat I still want someone else to talk in gamechat since won’t start calling out without knowing there’s someone that acually cares to listen to it. That’s just the kind of person I am.

But i’ll try communicating as much as possible just to see if it’ll give any results :slight_smile:

Well frankly- I support this in full. (Though I think stat padding is a worse problem than all in Reach)

However I must admit that from my experience, people being able to talk to one another wont do anything to stop betraying. Ppl get pissed easily and sadly enjoy -Yoink!- off other players no matter who they are.

Many ppl don’t give others a chance with power weapons out of the (from my experience) serious possibility that they are terrible with them and would just waste ammo, give the enemy team easy kills and access to said power weapons.

I think a buffer against stat manipulation/obsession would be far better. Perhaps make it so ppl can’t see one another’s stats unless specifically given access to that information by the one whose stats are being searched for.