Lets think logically about the essence of H4

The game should be perfected from the start. They were building H4 when reach came out (from what they were saying in interviews). point blank period.

Lets us an example, you build a car, you rush the heck out of it even though you had like 2 years to make it and you release with faulty brake pad and people complain and you say nothing or do nothing while you lose clientèl.

Totally unprofessional, that is why all the top tier programmers go and do coding for the high ranking bourgeois; Warren buffett ( who only require the best)or government to build bureau websites, amenities, etc (list can go forever). Heck Israel made a worm that killed all of Iran’s government computers (they had to buy new computers can fix the bug, hence slow down on nuclear enrichment). Hire a private company to take over for at least the match making it is ok to accept that you guys at 343 are struggling, its like getting a tutor to help you get that F to a c-.

My point is they are hiring people with no experience and no expertise, for example,the created director’s expertise: I play alot of video games (when asked how to work for 343 he commented in an interview have programming degree). MLGbravo became matchmaking advisor, he only has highschool education.

Completely unacceptable, I pay for a product, I want 100% finalized copy not TU after TU.

As for the weapons:

I believe the order of halo games goes like this (correct me if I am wrong because its either me of 343 making this mistake) Halo reach (army) → Halo CE → Halo 2 (navy) → Halo 3 (navy) → halo 4 (navy).

That being said I understand why the DMR was in reach because only the army uses it. But in halo 2,3 the BR was far superior and used by all ranges of departments especially in the navy. That being said it was a 4sk in 2/3 and 5 in 4?? Where is the logical in that? Halo universe went backwards? DMR only used by are but halo 4 is NAVY! (343 spent so much time with the campaign being true to the books they forgot the BR was 4sk 20 years ago).

The bolt shot is ridiculous as people are walking around with it out like is a primary and it is stronger than the scattershot and UNSC shotgun? where is the logic behind that? Promethans are an ancient race they cant possibly have the technology that we do in current halo universe day in age (my opinion). Bullet magentism on the dmr is crazy it is like it can curve around a wall and you dont even need your reticle on the enemies it will still count as a hit?

Another logical point I would like to make is that an update in 2 weeks to remove the horribly done, uncompetitive, vehicle abusive maps (Crimson Map pack) and cant acknowledge the pain people are having with spec codes (I got them), DMR slight OP ness, Map unbalances, boltshot, lag, fileshare, customs, forge, JIP, addressing the overall community (takes like 5 minutes and if you read the top, most of the qualifications).

Guys please add onto the list if I forgot anything, lets get our voices heard and have all theses problems address once and for all.