Let's Talk Infection

What do we already know about infection?

There are many possibilities with traits, safehavens, and even loadouts, but this isn’t enough. It’s too limited. Plus it isn’t realistic or scary enough. Bungie gave us this awesome forge but no tools in the scenery to create gruesome scenes or toppled cities emersed with the living dead. The community isn’t satisfied.

So what do we want for infection?

I’ve hear many suggestions in forums and by ear, but a big one is how the player looks. We want realistic zombies. The feel of a zombie game would be so much creepier if there were howling, screeching, killing, bloody zombies.

People have wanted a melee attack from zombies, sort of like the tentacles at the end of a flood infected host.

I’ve heard that people have wanted weather affects so that we may forge our maps for this. This could benefit the eeriness of a game of any form, making the overall experience more fun. Others, perhaps on the more gruesome side of things, have wandered upon corpses, destroyed vehicles, blood splatters, limbs, and goos.

These are all great, but I can’t speak for everyone. I’ll update this thread every so often, but I need people to reply to keep it alive! Let’s make it so that 343i can know everything we want from gory to gameplay mechanics! Let’s be heard forums!

So here’s the list so far:

One idea that I’ve heard someone suggest somewhere (vague, I know, sorry), is that when infected, humans transform in real time in to a Zombie (Flood player model) during the length of their respawn. And then they get up all horrible and floody, ready to infect others.

This kind of thing could only be done in future games though.

I would like to have vehicles in some Infection variants. And that you could pick flood-like skin for vehicles etc.
Also that if you could pick/add loudouts in some future infection gamemodes. And make each loudout for flood looking different & named by those forms like: infection form, you would look like it etc… Also that loudouts would be opened by when each team get enough players infected or killed.
I would like mix between CTF/infection also.