Lets talk Halo 6 :D

So let me start off by saying I am a giant Jiralhanae fan, I watch videos made by 343 on them I read their wiki a lot and I try to learn as much as possible about their culture, with that being said this will mostly be about the infamous Brutes. By the end of Halo 5 we found out the plans of Cortana and also how much power she has. Cortana threatens the entire galaxy and species, that being said I believe it is possible for the Jiralhanae can have a strong roll in campaign (Like sangheli) but also in MP. Most say its not going to happen etc… (same goes with playable Elites in MP) but Halo 5 showed us Cortana is a serious threat, in Halo Escalations it showed the Infinity wanted peace with the Swords of Sanghelios and the new chieftain of the Brutes, and also since the storm faction is defeated and gone who else to fill that role of assisting villain, the Brutes are known to accept religions easily and since they are very divided like the elites were it would be easy to make “good Brutes” and “Bad Brutes”. Also with HW2 around the corner and showing the Brutes as potential enemies it would be a good chance to show more in depth look at Brutes and fill us in about what has been happening with both the Brutes and the UNSC Spirit of Fire, leading to the potential characters in Halo 6 (as long as HW2 is generally current with H5). A lot of things point to both Jiralhane and Sangheli playable in Mp and Jiralhanae playing a important part in Halo 6. I completely understand why 343 didn’t add Elites or even Brutes in MP, not because they couldn’t do it but because they wanted to reestablish close ties with Elites and Brutes in campaign and lore, in the MP aspect I believe it was due to just making sure the core Spartan gameplay was perfect and balance before adding more species. I hope both Sangheli and the Jiralhanae are added in both campaign and MP next Halo it really helps with the community. I have posted very similar forum posts before and I am very passionate about this topic, every one in those past topics shoot the idea down right away, but I have hope to play as a big fur ball one day xD enjoy and please tell me your opinions.

Halo 6 need flood, all Covenant species and splits screen.

Second, bring old stuffs back.
Players can use elites again, imagine we can use some “Sangheili Martial” by elites, just like spartan uses spartan abilities.

  1. Brutes. I think many of us miss them a long time in FPS halo, may be they can just like elites which have both enemy and ally versions.
  2. Sentinels. Since there are only promethean and constructor as forerunner’s units in halo 5, why don’t bring sentinels back in halo 6 as an ally? (may be with new abilities & weapons)
    3.Knights (halo 4 version). In halo 5’s intel, we know there are still forerunners alive and investigating Genesis, may be 343 can bring the blue version knights in halo 4 back as an ally sent by Librarian?
  3. Scarab. Shoot its -Yoink-!
  4. Flood. I believe halo cannot without flood.
  5. Pelican Gunship. Pelican became drivable in halo 4, I am quite disappointed it cannot be drive in halo 5.
  6. Spectre/Prowler. Honestly, there is lack of old/new covenant vehicles in halo 4 & 5, and it is quite boring with only warthog can have passenger and gunner at the sametime (it is sad to see one of the teammates has to go by him/herself, while you are driving warthog with another two teammates). Instead of plasma turret, spectre can mount needle/fuel rod turret; prowler can mount spike/brute shot turret.
  7. Chopper. Alien motorcycle is a romance.
  8. Falcon/Hornet. No human aircraft? I want to cry.
  9. Sabre/Broadsword. Space battle is epic.
  10. All brutes weapons. No need to explain, I felt hurt when bungie cut most of them in reach.
  11. Plasma rifle/repeater. Just like UNSC have AR and SMG, plasma rifle/repeater can have more rapid fire or long lasting shooting period than storm rifle, main reason - they are classic stuffs.
  12. Grenade launcher. A weapon requires tactics.
  13. Plasma launcher. Another weapon requires tactics, who will hate tracking bullet?
    Third, make more old stuffs be usable.
  14. Anti-Air wraith. Imagine Arbiter said “I brought you this, Spartan. Let’s make it loud!”
  15. Phantom. Pelican became drivable in halo 4, why not phantom? The operate can be similar with the falcon.
  16. Cobra. High mobility and fire power.
  17. Seraph. If there has space battle, why not covenant spacecraft?
    Fourth, new stuffs.
  18. Forerunner ground vehicle unit or spacecraft usable for both AI unit and players?
  19. Some new brutes weapons such as brute version carbine or sniper?

I think that in Halo 6 we’ll see all the Covenant species. Humanity need the help of all the alien races of our galaxy to stop Cortana. There’ll be also Forerunners, like Chant-to-Green and Bornstellar, maybe other monitor and Mendicant Bias or Offensive Bias. It’ll be surely the Flood, and I wanna see what Cortana we’ll do, if she’ll try to stop it or not. The San 'Shyuum could be the most powerfull ally for the human race, they have got Forerunner tecnology. What about Black Box? Is it an ally of Cortana or not? I think not, he don’t like her.

we need the brutes and their weapons to comeback

in last light theres are those fanatics who basically are the covenant with humans in it but no elites and also I want to see 343gs to return and maybe majestic and jun and others from the lore