Lets talk halo 4 and 343i

Ok so the past 2 months have been very crazy, from hearing about forerunner vision to weapon drops and insta-spawn. Ill admit at first I thought it would be a slap to the face if these things were what they were said to be, but luckily we have 343i who is slowly starting to explain to us how all theses new things will be working. Still I get on this forum and all I see is a bunch of “competative” players complainig about it all…Why??

I understand that a lot of you feel like Reach was not in any way shape or form competative. It makes sense right I mean someone who spawns with armorlock will more than likely win in a melee fight or if someone had sprint he/she would more than likely run away in fear if his/her shields went down… Its very annoying when it happens. Me in the other hand didnt think it was so bad it wasnt Halo 3 but it wasnt the worst game ever made. I found ways to always be ready for anything like for example everyon had a little peice of armor in their back that showed what AA they had so I always kept an eye out for them before I just ran out in the fights but lots of ppl were so used to just shooting at someone and the person not having anyway of defending himself except to try and escape or shoot back in a last stand that they hated the AA’s and thats fine thats why we have freedom of speech so we can freely express our opinion on something. But how can you have an opinion on a game that nobody has been able to see in action yet?? the only ppl who can are those who have been given the opportunity to try it out in and they have all said the same thing “It feels and plays like halo” so why criticize??

If you havent heard the lates podcast then you probably still have the mentallity everyone had a couple of days ago about the AA’s, weapon drops and so on. In the sparkast Frankie and some other ppl whos names I cant remember were finally talking about the these things and to be honest I felt very relieved when I heard that armor lock was gone, how forerunner vision worked more as a temporary sonar, insta-spaw would not be in objective games as well as how the weapon drops arent actually random but actually have a time set to the them so you can still time it but instead of going alone to grab it you have everyone else fighting for them which will make for very EPIC moments.

I know they still havent said anything about the ranking system and if they will even have ranked and unranked playlists which I hope they do because they serve for bragging rights :slight_smile: which I am all about. Plus they still havent commented on how these “custom” loadouts will work at least I dont think they have.

So why are all the competative gamers so mad about?? The game sounds like its going to be great and you still have much to look forward to. They might have some surprises for you guys such as Classic Halo playlists at launch you know no AA’s evryone starts out even and what not. Just give these ppl at 343i some time to be able to surprise you I mean they have been working on this for a long time and It makes me sad that see how many ppl are crticizing their work before they have even seen any actual gameplay.

If you are going to keep this up then at least keep it clean and just try to complain about the known facts not all this stuff about how it should be called COD in space because it “sounds” like it will be just like it. Last time I checked time travel didnt exist so nobody knows how the game plays yet so why jump to conclusions??? Lets try to be mature and respectful about it if the game turns out to be a huge fail well you a very much entitled to your opinion just be patient :slight_smile:

You sir are on track, +5