Let's talk H4! DLCs and the new bundle pack!

So lets talk about Halo =D

What’s your favorite map? Game type? Why?

Which DLC is your favorite? Why?

Everyone loving the new bundle pack?

Favorite armor set? Why?

Favorite stance? Why?


Haven-Slayer: There’s just so many cool spots, and lots of room for killing. Slayer is straight forward…no hoops to jump through

Castle DLC: just seems the most interesting to me

I’m in love with the new bundle pack! The champions bundle is for sure the coolest thing I’ve bought on live lol

Favorite armor set: hmm…Raider probably…it’s so different from the other sets

Favorite stance: confident all the way! I love the attitude hah

I personally do not know whether to call this spam, or a combination of nearly every positive thread I’ve ever seen on these forums… :stuck_out_tongue:

Favorite map would have to be Pitfall. It plays much better than every map in Halo 4, including Haven. It is perfectly balanced, and I love every minute of it.

Favorite gametype has got to be Action Sack. It has a great variety of fast-paced minigames that are fun to play, and pose a small challenge. I especially love Rock 'N Rail, because it’s fast and explosive and it just brings a smile to my face to cross-map with a Railgun without using it’s enhanced bullet magnetism.

My favorite DLC has got to be the Champion’s Bundle. It comes with 2 great, balanced maps, tons of new weapon skins that create a diverse setup of loadout weapon customization, and Ricochet has got to be one of the best things to happen to Halo 4 yet.

I don’t have a favorite armor set, as that is constantly changing, however I do love myself a -Yoink!- Deadeye helmet :smiley:

My favorite stance would be Breach. It just looks amazing with every armor combo, and shouts “Hey, I’m a -Yoinking!- badass!”, and it also provides a realistic feel, kind of like you’re in a military operation, awaiting a queue from behind your cover.

Haha…I was afraid someone would call this spam…but honestly I haven’t seen a thread like this recently when looking…so I figured I’d put a new one up for the heck of it…i just hope its not taken the wrong way…I like Pitfall myself…and Breach is an awesome stance…but I could never get into other games with the exception of Capture the Flag…and I grew to hate CTF

> Favorite armor set: hmm…Raider probably…it’s so different from the other sets

Instant like.

> > Favorite armor set: hmm…Raider probably…it’s so different from the other sets
> Instant like.

Haha thanks! Only reason I don’t have the helmet on now is because I just got my SK one and I like to show it off for a few levels

Wait, a positive thread? What it this sorcery?!

Anyways… My favorite map would be Haven, I love how the map plays and what makes me think its the coolest map is because if you look closely, when MC talks to the Librarian, they are on Haven. Cut by half, yes, but its pretty much the same place.

My favorite gametype is Flood, or was. I dont play it much now. I loved doing 180° kills with the shotgun while trying to survive. I managed to survive 2 entire matches. This gametype really improved my skill with the Shotgun. On the other hand, the gametype I play the most is Slayer.

My favorite DLC is the Champions Bundle, just too much awesome stuff. And Pitfall. I mean, its The Pit! BEST. Period.

I dont really have a favorite armor set. The armor I used is pretty much a mix between many:

Venator RAPTOR helmet.
Wetwork SHARD torso.
Rogue FOCUS right shoulder.
Rogue left shoulder.
Contoured SHARD arms.
FOTUS legs.
And the visor doesn’t matter with Venator -_-

But if I had to pick. I love Venator since the day I saw the first render of it.

And my favorite stance is between Breach and Drawn.

Gah! One after my own heart DHG! I assassinated the CRAP out of everyone for a week to get that set haha

I’m a little mad because I believe the skinned set you just get get for getting the bundle…which is seriously weak sauce…I do hope I’m wrong though =P

I’ve never played flood…when I grow some balls I may try lol but as I’ve said pitfall is a spectacular map for sure!

Favourite Map: Skyline
Favourite Individual Armor Piece: Locus Helmet
Favourite Armor Skin: Pulse
Favourite Weapon Skin: Assault Rifle Prime Skin/Lightrifle Imprint Skin
Favourite Emblem: LASO
Favourite Stance: Lookout. After all, it’s good to be a Captain Morgan.


P.S. My favourite stance would have been Determined, if I could AFFORD WINDOWS 8 in order to play SPARTAN ASSAULT!!!

Right on! That set sounds really awesome lol maybe I’ll throw it on to see what it looks like all together

I like what you added haha…maybe I should have been more specific lol

Ya dude I wish I could afford it myself! Sounds like a pretty awesome game to be honest…not to mention the perks you’d get

Wait…what? Are positive threads allowed here? A mod may want to move this thread into the depths of Waypoint so no one can find it. :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s your favorite map? Shatter. I have no problems finding a Machine Gun Turret on that map. Love the Gunner Mod.

Game type? Spartan Ops Why? Because I’m awful in matchmaking! Lol

Which DLC is your favorite? Champions Why? Because of Pitfall and new armor! Wish they worked in Spartan Ops though.

Everyone loving the new bundle pack? Yup!

Favorite armor set? ODST Why? Because helljumpers don’t need augmentation.

Favorite stance? Determined Why? Because it’s unique.

Nice thread OP! Definitely need a positive thread on here once in awhile.

Thanks a lot Trentz! I’m glad the thread is well received!

Always fun to talk about positive stuff…rarely fun to talk negative >.>

Map: longbow or pitfall, they’re both really good.
Gametype: dominion, ctf or slayer.
Favorite dlc: definatly champions, the sheer amount of stuff they added instantly puts it up, but once you add pitfall? There’s no competition.
New bundle pack? Oh yeah!
Favorite stance: drawn, it has the look of someone who’s got you and is debating to pull.
Favorite armor: hmm mines a mixture. Mark v helmet, rouge shoulders, one of the new chests, outer locking forearms, recruit (tiger) legs, legendary visor.

The bundle is crazy awesome…I honestly didn’t think I’d love it so much until I got to see just how much awesome was put into it…I mean seriously…who doesn’t want a ton of new stances…with new armor skins…AND new weapon skins…ON TOP of the games ad maps you get with any other DLC? It’s madness…in the best way

I go nuckin futs over stances…that was probably my favorite part of the bundle

I only wish they had put more weapon stances in, imagine a stance with a Br or sniper…or a binary or shotty…

> I only wish they had put more weapon stances in, imagine a stance with a Br or sniper…or a binary or shotty…

So very true! If we all hope enough…Maybe we’ll see some! XD