lets talk castle map pack

Once again all these levels are fantastic visually from afar. Not that great when viewing things scoped in though! However I cannot go on enough about how aesthetically pleasing these maps are; that Banshee has picked me off a few times while I have been admiring the view.

Anyway can I just say that Perdition and Daybreak are absolutely fantastic, and everything just feels right. King of the Hill and Extraction are both great. Everything is smooth and the placed with thought, right down to that Banshee.

Outcast is another story. It just seems average. Doesn’t really flow well and it seems like the level was designed to be as anti-vehicle as possible.

Does anyone else agree with me on Outcast? Perdition and Daybreak are pretty fantastic and I reckon most will agree ith me on that…

Daybreak reminds me of Standoff mixed with Beaver Creek. Perdition reminds me of a better version of District. I was actually surprised by Outcast. I thought I would hate it much more than I actually do.

I agree completely. Daybreak plays a lot like a BTB friendly version of beaver creek. Outcast is just dumb…so dumb. But all 3 maps are very aestheticly pleasing

Yea Standoff is a lot like Daybreak in many aspects. I actually made that comparison myself haha. Perdition kind of reminds me of Rat’s Nest

Perdition isn’t like Rats nest to me in terms of game play, Rat’s next was pretty lame. It actually reminds me of a big team version of Turf, one of the best Halo 2 maps. They finally made a city map and it’s the most fun to play.

Outcast was designed for Dominion and I am yet to play a game on Dominion to test this game type. It might actually play well if they put that game type into the DLC.

All these maps should be put into BTB.

Only problem is most people don’t buy the maps and so once this playlist is gone, I’ll rarely play the new maps.

343i should make playlists for Infinity Slayer and BTB where ALL DLC is required so that you have shipped maps, forge maps and all the DLC maps available for selection.

They won’t do this but one can only hope.


‘The Forgotten Spartans’

Daybreak is the best map, outcast is reasonable good, although I disagree with dual Splasers and rockets on map.
On the other hand I think Perdition is pretty horrible, just doesn’t seem to have much to it, very little cover in a lot of sections and far too many vehicles for map of its size (similar problem to Harvest IMO)

Overall though castle map pack is the best of the DLC

@ Darknal
Nice idea, something akin to Halo 3 rumble pit? In that you needed DLC to play it?

As a side note, has anyone seen the rock that looks like an elephant/mammoth yet? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Perdition is the best, it has the simplest layout, it’s clean, orientation is great from the first time you spawn in. King of the Hill is great, I haven’t played oddball yet but I imagine it would be a great fit. One more time, great.

Daybreak comes in second. It does have a lot of weird imbalances between sides, everywhere looks pretty much the same, and is also fairly dark and gloomy, especially in the closed side where it gets really dark. Still, it’s one of the better maps in the game.

Outcast is the worst of the three. The map is overly complex, essentially a rocky piece of swiss cheese. The warthogs may as well not exist on maps like this when everyone has a plasma pistol/ grenades. Orientation is also pretty bad, 3/4 of the map is buried under a low rock ceiling.

Cant stand outcast. The others are pretty fantastic though. None are as big as i was expecting which is a pleasant surprise.

on perdition there is a forerunner symbol on the green CIO2 things

I couldn’t help but laugh when I scoped at one of the building from afar in Daybreak

The buildings lose their sharpness and look like clay