Let's Talk BTB and how to fix

I have a fix, just implement a ‘Classic BTB’ playlist, but that might be asking for too much these days.


No. Canon should never be prioritized over gameplay.

So you are blaming the developers for players being stupid? ok.

When was the Warthog ever the best UNSC vehicle? When was it ever as good as the Scorpion or Banshee? Its never been super strong.

Warthogs are meant to be a utility vehicle; it has a little bit of everything but is not incredible at anything specific.
Ghosts are meant as really fast flank type vehicles, more agile than Warthogs but also do less damage.
Mongooses (Mongeese?) are just pure movement and offer no real offensive capabilities.
Banshees are sort of similar to Ghosts in terms of being used to flank, but are far worse at actually splattering enemies.
Wasps are more stationary compared to banshees.
Scorpions are well… tanks.
ok Chopper is trash tier for sure, it’s basically a poor man’s ghost and has no real advantage over other vehicles that I can think of.

All the vehicles are well balanced, outside of maybe the wasp (overpowered) and chopper (underpowered) but they all serve a specific function in the sandbox and aren’t just equivalent to each other in any real way.

Yeah I kind of wish they’d make it more clear what the weapons list would be like call it “A List” and “B-List” to help us defientate on which “version” of the map we are playing on since the weapons are different in some matches (e.g. the red gun sometimes is replaced by the shock rifle).
Also I think it’s kinda -Yoink!- how the scorpion/wraith come in the match so late, I legit got to touch one and then the game ended.

the reality is the warthog is pretty powerful, it’s very annoying even when players actually use it, most of the time, it’s running a spree because no one wants to fight it (which honestly when being properly focused the warthog in this game is easy to take out, in Halo 3 for instance, even a full team couldn’t wipe out a hog unless they have specific weapons and ambushed it otherwise)

It’s almost like some dude at 343 saw the red fuel canisters at the back of the new warthog design and thought, “I’m gonna do what’s called a pro-gamer move”.

Oooooooooooooo so that’s - bruh, I just learned something new. THIS IS GENIUS!

Please bring BR start back to BTB!

The AR/Pistol start is just not strong enough off spawn to be able to always out-skill and break out. There’s not always weapons/vehicles up and available when spawning, so being able to spawn with the standard BR and engage right away would make BTB so much more fun!

Players can still scavenge for a better arsenal, but can still be effective off the spawn if they just want to jump straight into gun play (which the BR is super fun at!)


I think bringing back the BR and updating the spawning around the vehicles is key for BTB


I agree with everything but that. I literally have never seen the team that controls the warthog lose on Behemoth. It should be replaced with a Chopper/Banshee spawn.

i agree 100% make this happen 343. No reason to not have a BR on top of that imagine teams having the power position on you and you’re just stuck getting destroyed because you spawn with a pistol/ar on a large map. BR can help make the come back and on top of that help people carry teammates that are frankly utter trash.


I just realized the biggest problem with the new BTB. We only got 50% more players but the maps are 600% bigger. You run around for far too long making very little consequential plays just to be killed because you can’t engage 6 payers at range with a pistol.

It’s such a shame that Halo 3 BTB is better than this.

BTB needs BR starts. Simple.

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Try playing the objective and communicating. :stuck_out_tongue:

No. Canon should never be prioritized over gameplay.

The canon of all of the other games where it’s worked perfectly fine up until right now?

So you are blaming the developers for players being stupid? ok.

I’m blaming the developers for making the warthog a deathtrap that’s overly susceptible to small-arms fire. The way it works in the MCC is just fine.

When was the Warthog ever the best UNSC vehicle? When was it ever as good as the Scorpion or Banshee? Its never been super strong.

Sorry, who is saying it was “the best UNSC vehicle”? Because it sure wasn’t me.
I said it was the UNSC’s armored cavalry equivalent. Which IS what it is. Its entire function is to ride through a line of defense and power-slide around while creating havoc. That’s literally its entire purpose as a vehicle. Havoc doesn’t not mean unmatched destruction. Havoc does not mean indestructible and uncounterable carnage. It means you can slide about, take a beating, recover your shields if you can find a safe spot to regen, then go back in. Not get blown up in one pass of a few enemies focus-firing on you.

They are more offensive than a Ghost for the simple reason that you need two people minimum to operate it, and you have to drive empathetically, whereas in infinite, the Ghost is just objectively superior, lacking only the ability to pickup a flag carrier.

I’d be interested in 8v8 BR starts. It could be a ranked playlist, or it could be social, but with BR starts it would have enough map coverage for 8v8 with current vehicles similar to original trilogy map coverage and distance.

A Playlist for BTB that has BR starts for sure, but with 24 players it would be pretty difficult to make moves around the map without constantly being lit up. 8v8 would allow for enough buffer. I see too many players in BTB right now that spawn into a base and just stand there waiting for the timers on weapon respawn than pushing out

They need to really just have the br, commando and the like respawn sooner. I find I often just run out of stuff.

I wouldn’t mind if we got ordinance ammo drops for basic weapons (non powers or mids like the bulldog, shock and sucb).

Also I feel like the weapon spawns should be relatively even. The commando doesn’t hold a candle to the BR so why give one side dual commandos at times?? Why give one shock rifle and the other the redgun??

So far I haven’t had this issue. If I play mcc yes I get this issue quite a lot. I think the AR and pistol are adequate as starting weapons. However I do think the br and commando and pulse carbine need to respawn faster.

Big Team Battle is just large Arena now, I’ve not had a single BTB match with a Wraith, Banshee or Scorpion. i’ve seen the Wasp a few times because one of the maps has a designated spawn but that’s it.

I actually saw my first Wraith thanks to the Fractured Event and it spawned in on the Desert map (forgot the name).

This version of BTB goes against what made BTB great in the Bungie days, it has went from the mode I would play most to the mode I play to complete a challenge.