Let's talk achievements (Steam/PC)

I just finished up with every single reasonably do-able Achievement through steam.

And honestly? I had a pretty good time getting most of them!

However there is a couple that I’d like to touch on atleast from my perspective.

Not counting the achievements from the campaign, because we can’t do them yet, I have managed to do every single one besides Two. Now one of these is because it’s on a currently unreleased gamemode, But being able to medic people sounds really fun!

The other is to “Complete” a battlepass. Which is pretty understandable, I’m really hoping the free battlepasses count for this, I’m hoping to be there within a month of two though, I’m not paying for anything besides the passes themself, so Grinding out that many games is pretty tough honestly, But The game is fun enough that I’m going to give it a pass (So long as the playlists get ironed out soon, I’m getting a little tired of playing gamemodes I don’t like…)

But there’s one that’s broken too, and should have been a lot easier to achieve than it was.

[Skyhook Shot]
“Grapplejack” an enemy flying vehicle in a matchmade game.

This is currently not obtainable through banshees, Which are over half the flying vehicles in the game, It’s WAY more common to see one of them than a Wasp which is your only option currently for getting this achievement, I’m sure it’s been reported already but Just to reinforce that it’s not working, and because of that took me around 50+ games to get.

Other than that, I’m looking forward to Achievement hunting in the Campaign, Much love.

Achievements were way to easy…

At least there’ll be a laso achievement in campaign.

I’m hoping so!! More achievements make the world a better place, I’m curious to see if we’ll get more over time or if this’ll be all.