Lets talk about the warthog

I love its new feel. Its the perfect balance of weighty and floaty and drifts around like a boss. However…

The warthog minigun turret needs a SERIOUS buff.

The warthog itself is weak, large, noisy and rolls if a grasshopper so much as sneezes in its general direction as it drives buy. The passengers (and gunner in particular) are exposed to gunfire and the vehicle has cumulative damage and cannot be repaired. The turret also takes several seconds to “spin up” to maximum fire rate and will overheat if fired for too long.

All of these negative aspects are more than enough of a counter balance for a powerful turret gun. The turret should shred a spartan in the open at close range. It does ok against vehicles but it feels like id be better off throwing pebbles against spartans.

Something is wrong when a BR or DMR can kill someone faster than a mounted turret…

The same could be said for the detachable turrets. They seem to have the same lack of damage… Are you telling me being a slow, hulking target with the chaingun spin up and massive recoil is not enough of a disadvantage as it is?

Buff that thang, yo.

Really? i got a overkill using the warthog…

You must be doing something differently.

> Really? i got a overkill using the warthog…
> You must be doing something differently.

Either you are the luckiest man alive, or your were up against a bunch of skilless fools.

It is several seconds faster to kill someone with the DMR than the hog turret.

I almost got a killtacular off that gun then it overheated. My only gripe about the warthog is the sound of its driving. The first time I heard it, I thought it was like a warthog lawnmower but thats probably just me

RRRRRAAAAAAAAWAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… nuff said

lol I just wish the turret didn’t over heat I miss just holding that sucker down, the ghost doesn’t over heat?