Lets talk about the Vehicles in Halo Infinite

In halo infinite the vehicles have a lot of issues these are the things I’ve noticed!

  • There weak, very weak, they blow up so quick, its as if there made of paper
  • In the multiplayer you never get the fun vehicles you can only get the warthog or chopper if you Lucky, I mean the only time I got to use a Scorpion and Wraith were in campaign
  • You see wraiths 2 times in campaign
    you should be able to spawn enemy vehicles at the very least boss vehicles such as the Catulus chopper that you get from defeating one of the bosses. The thing is, you can’t get it after you beat him and the vehicles break so easily that you can’t even play with it and that thing got hard light blades, and 2 full auto turrets but REALLY BAD boost
  • the choppers boost sucks, flips to easily
  • vehicle First person mode
  • This isn’t really related to vehicles but the Nights should be darker
  • The terrain in campaign isn’t fun for vehicles there is so many rocks and hills that they can’t go anywhere and that’s why most people don’t even bother using them, they just use the grapple shot instead
  • The warthog is so damn light it just flips
  • The area of Zeta Halo that we can explore is so broken and vehicle unfriendly that its not fun to traverse in one because you’ll always flip and crash, that’s if it doesn’t explode
  • The place were Zeta Halo is broken and you just fall into space is just annoying because if you fall you are not allowed to save yourself with the grapple shot, if you want to get to the other side you have to back track so damn far just to get to the other side. Well why don’t you use a Wasp or Banshee well, there so damn weak and get targeted by everyone and there grandma when your in one
  • The explosions in this game suck Halo 3 came out in 2007 and still has better explosions than this game, which was in development for 6 FRICKN YEARS, after all that time why is the game like this
  • Vehicles get stunned to easily from the electric weapons that you can’t even use them in fights I mean C’MON
  • The banished Phantoms, oh boy:
    Why can’t we Grapple onto them?
    Why are there explosion just a white screen, WHY?
    Why is there movement so odd?
    Finally, why do they go invisible? You could have put a bit more effort into there disappearing animation

These are what I believe the Halo Infinite vehicles struggle with, 343 please fix the vehicles and The Zeta Halo terrain because at this stage vehicles are unusable


I understand where 343 is coming from, rebalancing Vehicle vs Anti Vehicle, but mannnnnn it’s not just that great.

For every 1 hog, there is gonna be 1 Hydra, 2 Plasma, 2 Spikes and 2 Dynamos waiting for it. If you roll in and manage to kill people, it’s pure luck that you made it out.

Anti Vehicle is wack in this game. Vehicles are actually not that bad.


I think the only thing they did right with vehicles is the looks and firepower.


I feel as though more vehicles should be on the field during BTB, if only so that it mitigates all the power weapons, or at least warrant the existence of so many anti-vehicular weapons.

Choppers should be a bit more centered. Those things shouldn’t be flipping over as often as they do. Halo 3 definitely did them right where you had to be almost upside doing before having to flip it over, though the terrain in this game doesn’t really feel right with most ground vehicles. Unless you are on certain paths, if you go full speed, its just asking for a multi-kill when everyone is force into going it on foot in the middle of no-man’s-land.

If anything, the Mantis feels like it would shine best in this game’s terrain since it can walk around.


Definitely not the looks, not with their toy-like explosion. Needs more oomph for the explosion.
Firepower is definitely alright tho, but I question the reason why the Hog Turret is able to “snipe”

Mantis definitely feels like it can take advantage of the terrain better than the Scorpion could.
God the Scorpion is bad in Infinite.

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By looks I meant the actual models, but explosions. If anything, I wish the warthog was less rounded on the bonnet.

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this is one of the main reasons I can’t this franchise serious…how has this existed for so long?
Why are so many halo fans ok with these garbage and purposely kept dated mechanics?
I just dont get it
It is like halo fans just want stagnation and the franchise to never improve…even tho it was called “Halo:Combat Evolved” yet it never truly evolves and anytime it attempts it the community hates it.


you are right, I agree

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We have the worst controls for lots of vehicles.
The paper weight is ridiculous.
Any vehicles getting stuck on every little stupid things in the map just feels so bad.
Those vehicles should help us explore, not feels like a freaking bouncing ball getting stuck at every door step…
Also, the durability might be explained by the difficulty factor and the fire power balance, but please… Why, Why does 10 shots of needler would blast of a fu%king TANK!


The weakness of the missiles on the Rocket Hog is just inexcusable.


I agree. The vehicles in this game just don’t feel right.

Weak explosion effects, bad anti/vehicle balance. The don’t feel good to use, and they’re very easy to destroy anyway which deters them from being used in my experience playing.

They should just revert back to the way vehicles were in 3/Reach.

I don’t know why or how it’s such an issue to reuse assets from prior games or use them as inspiration. It was good then so you can literally only improve from there since it should be a comparison to benchmark.


Not just the vehicles The Commando as a stand alone weapon is so bad


I completely disagree with OP. Right now vehicles are WAY too powerful. They can only be killed with anti-vehicle weapons and sometimes that’s not enough. For example, a warthog takes 2 spiker shots and 2 rockets to blow up.

It’s a free killing frenzy when you hop in a warthog and almost a free running riot.

Please make normal weapons stronger against vehicles, this would fix the issue I think. As it is, there aren’t enough anti-vehicle weapons to go around so you just kinda die most of the time you’re up against a vehicle.

I think I know why most people think vehicles are weak though. I’ve seen so many people drive straight into enemy lines thinking they’re a tank and die to the entire team raining fire down on them.


I can see were your coming from, from the Multiplayer POV, but if you go in campaign on normal it take around 2 shots with the RPG to destroy a wasp and 1 with the variant which is so damn annoying or when you get sniped by jackals and it blows up your tank like c’mon its a damn tank, Vehicles aren’t in a good stage at the moment and this sucks because there supposed to be fun even if there over powered, but right now there just not fun to use at all.

Oh and something I forgot to mention is they get stunned so damn easily by the Dynamo grenades’, shock rifle and shock pistol witch is even more annoying in campaign, because you don’t even get to enjoy the vehicle. I was playing campaign yesterday, I was flying around { On NORMAL with some skulls } in a wasp, I kept getting shocked I’d fall to the ground and they’d shoot me s’more with there shock weapons and even the grenades’ and bam my vehicle blows up and I DIE. Or when I went to fight the HTV with the RPG VARRIANT 1 shot to a brand new wasp is all it took, all his guys also had RPG’s to. I died 10 times before I said
" Screw it " I Hopped out of the wasp and killed him with my BULLDOG.

On the bright side, Vehicles have not, for most part, dictated the outcome of games. This was a serious issue in Halo 2 and sometimes an issue in Halo 3. I can run out in the open and not feel like I’m just Vehicle fodder. However, there have been some exceptions because the Phantoms are so annoying.

I can agree with this. I think one problem is that Frag grenades are so challenging to land on a moving Warthog unless the driver just gets stuck on a rock, lol. As for their gunner, he is pretty powerful. The only time they have trouble wrecking is when it gets stunned really.

I agree with some the vehicles definitely do feel a lot weaker I’ve been marathoning the halo games recently and the vehicles in the old game are by far way more powerful then in halo infinite the tanks last way longer, in halo infinite if you going up against another tanks you’ll either both kill each other just as quick or get lucky that you barely survive. I do think they should up the defense on the vehicles in the game the only one that has decent armour is the transport hog I think that one is fine but that’s only bc it’s literally reinforced.

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so something i’ve noticed about the warthog…
it isn’t light, per say. rather the tires are bouncy af. now yes, a bouncy hog is nothing new. but before, it felt like it was ‘bouncy’ because of the suspension. now it’s straight up the tires. spawn a hog at a FOB and you’l see it bouncing like it ain’t anyone’s business


The physics are bad. Whoever the vehicle design and execution team are need to revist their work. It’s just not realistic and yes I know the game isn’t real but a big part of what makes any game of this nature fun is generally displaying the physics in a way that we recognize and to which we can relate. A Warthog that flips over because I drive it over a smallish rock outcrop is not behaving in a way we recognize or want. I find myself driving them like an old man (which I am in real life but not when it comes to driving Hogs) to just keep it upright and moving forward. As english teachers often wrote on my papers, “Needs work!”


I think the speed should be adjusted with the hogs and gooses

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