Let's talk about the Thruster Pack

I really want this to be a go-to armor ability for me… but I just can’t, for the life of me, get it going well enough for it to be a “first-stringer”. For me, promethean vision is clearly the easiest AA to use as of now, and I hate using it because it’s almost like cheating. The difference in my kills is like night and day.

But I’ve firmly pegged the Thruster Pack AA to my Assault rifle/magnum loadout, thinking it’s a nice crafty evade-like ability, and that if I use it right, I should be very hard to kill in close-combat situations (which is my strongest facet of the game), and just overall.

But, even after using it over and over and over again this past week, I still can’t use the ability up to my ideal expectations… and frankly, I think it’s because the ability is just not that great.

For one, it’s not exactly like the evade ability of Halo:Reach, where you could propel yourself 50 feet away in a split second. Thruster pack is much slower, and its range is woefully short. Also, when in use, you are immediately engaged in a quick 3rd person mode, which is almost suicide upon recovery, for the enemy maintains his/her eyesight upon you, while you not only have to recover your footing after using Thruster pack, but your eyesight upon your enemy as well. I’ve died too many times as a result of this maneuver.

So, so far, close combat use of Thruster pack is very risky, and unreliable. So what are we left with? Well, thruster pack seems pretty effective at helping you avoid long-range targeting, turning the corner quickly when being chased. Those are all well and good. But, to me, these few upsides don’t come close to redeeming the humongous downside of unreliable effectivness in heated combat situations. And strategizing with the thruster pack does not seem worth the time and effort.

How do you all feel about this AA? If you agree with some of my points, how would you improve it? Again, I would love it if this ability was modified, because it seems to have so much potential.

It’s a nice assassin tool on Regicide. Run after someone who has Mobility active and you would never reach them. Quick tap on the thrusters and you are within knife fighting range in a second.

The thruster pack is way too limited in motion. Very sad…

I think it needs to thrust like in Campaign.

I personally feel the range needs an increase, because at the moment it’s just like moving normally but an extra couple of inches or so. Probably add another half of the current distance, or make it a 2 time use cool-down like evade, then I’ll use it more.

Thruster Pack, is by far, the worst AA in the game. It doesnt need to be buffed but rather totally over hauled. I have played over 300 games of slayer and watched MLG players use it I have barelly seen anything to justify taking it.

When I use Holo, Autoturret, PV, and regen, I can help myself In almost any battle when I use them correctly, and there is no negatives except cast time.

Regular Thrust needs a huge buff to be viable.

Option 1: Increase the power, like in Flood mode.

Option 2: Like Reach’s Dodgeroll, make each Thrust deplete half the meter. That way you could dodge twice in quick succession (potentially in different directions to maneuver) or make a beefed-up unidirectional dash. It’d be much cooler and much more useful.

I find thruster pack to be the most useful ability in the game. While PV is great, jetpack is extremely mobile, and camo can make for interesting gameplay, thruster pack allows me to pull off ridiculous stunts and constantly bewilder my friends and enemies.

The other day I ninja’d a dude by jumping and thrusting over his head. That’s why I love it and use it on almost every loadout.

> I think it needs to thrust like in Campaign.

thats too much, people would abuse it if it was that powerful i like the AA as it is but i wouldnt mind if it could just fly 1-4 feet farther

> I think it needs to thrust like in Campaign.

That !

Perhaps I need to start using Thruster more on the offensive. I’ve only been thinking of it as a reactionary ability, and it falls way short of living up to that.

Did someone really mention that T packs need the same power as The Flood version? LOL that would be gamebreaking.

It needs a slight buff in distance traveled and the one use per Thrust is balanced (leave that alone). Having to use it more than once would reduce the skill level required to use it. Did i make a mistake in the first Thurst? Oh i know, i can use the get out of jail for free card and use it again! No >_> It’s fine at one.

It’s still useful for going up lifts and delaying when you go up (very useful in fact) and when you need to drop down a ledge to reduce time exposed by other players (very good for getting into cover quickly).