lets talk about the new assault variant.........

so after getting home last night, i had a chance to play grifball and social assault. the way they the new assault variant is designed is good for grifball but i have questions about the social assault variant.

  1. when you arm the bomb in social assault, why doesn’t it explode like it did in old halo’s?
  2. while neutral bomb is a good start, i wonder if 343 have considered doing like what they did with ctf and do multibomb or even do one bomb with multiple rounds?
  3. i wonder if they will consider doing btb bomb with larger maps?

these are just a few things i noticed when i have tried playing it. Had a pretty close game in grifball last night and social assault was crazy but good. im enjoying the playlist but i just had some questions that need to be discussed.

now that we got the gravity hammer, i wonder if we could get the sticky denator from halo 4 too?