Let's talk about the BR reticle

Here’s an image showing two slightly different BR crosshair configurations that were shown off: https://i.imgur.com/AVD4EP9.png

I hope this means we’re getting some form of reticle customization. Either that or it’s just a simple case of “prototype asset / bug, we fixed that already,” but I sincerely hope that’s not that case. I really, really want to use that first one. Looks like it’d be great for mouse users like myself to have this small center dot mode in play if we want it.

What do you think?

In a tweet from Unyshek, he states that the footage is pre-release, so it’s all subject to change. Though he says he belives the classic reticle will be the most likely to be in the full release.

i wouldn’t be surprised if its a re sized version we see in the video. The old school ones never really feel right when using a mouse to aim, there just so big. A means to resize or change them would fit perfectly for the pc version. And they probably are showing the pc version over any version right now.

Halo 2 BR is best BR, so whatever we can do to get back to that would be great.