Lets talk about Territories. Yes. That. Check

All people talk about is SLAYER OMFG SLAYER or OMFG MLG MLG MLG MLG.

Most topics are all
Loadouts, Why.jpg?
COD whut?
and ML…Slayer.

CTF and Assault are also pretty regular, And KOTH and such are pretty hard to mess up. I mean it’s fun in all games and stays the same. Anyway one thing I think that needs a change, a nice face lift is Territories. I mean how many times do you honestly LOVE it?

Honestly it’s fun in Halo 3 and Reach, Yet I think it can be so much better. Can have more variety, And shouldn’t be as bland as it is. It’s like a steak, it’s good, but it’s even better with spices.

First off. Classic Territories. Please.

Halo 2’s version was fun, and something I haven’t really seen in Halo 3 or Reach, or at least in MM. In Halo 2 anyone could take any of them, it wasn’t offense of defense. It was “You have one, you get a point per second, Two=Two per second”.

I would like this to come back. It makes things more fast paced, and a little more fun as well. Yea it becomes more chaotic and random, but that’s the awesome part. It’s just that fun it works.

Fix up new Territories
Reach has a pretty good system. Mostly it’s 5 hill you need to take. Offense and defense. Yet it just seems the hills are placed “randomly” in crappy places.

I think it would be a little better if Territories were put in important places, or places that you would say “YEa we should take this over”. It just makes things more awesome if you are fighting for a fort, Or some trench.

Then you have basic structure. In most cases it’s
1 right nere offense (Pretty much it’s always taken)
2 or 3 near the middle. One or two maybe leaning towards or away from offense
1 in defense base. Which is the hardest in most cases.

Which is fine. Yet why not change it. It would be cool if some maps all 5 were in the middle, Making it harder/easier for any given team.

More fun modes

The first two are normal, “Take it, Objective”. Yet why not have fun with it. Have some more interesting “fun” modes such as:

CrazyTories: This uses the classic Halo 2 mode. Territories can be taken in half the time it takes normally. However they will change and “erase” randomly.

Most versions will have 3. Which will move. If you have anything taken and it moves you loose it, and will have to re-take it.

FiestaTories: Offense Defense style with random weapons and vehicles. A little one sided but hey it’s for fun son.

Last Stand: A little more competetive. This has one territory. Each player has “Respawn time growth” on. Which means you gain 1 second of respawn time per death. It would take at least 2 team mates and 10 seconds each to take it. Making it pretty damn hectic.

Driver Lovers: Each vehicle is a territory. Yes, I said that. Yet you need to be in one for awhile before you gain it. The first team to get 10 points wins

NOTE: Having 3 people in a hog just means you get it faster. It doesn’t mean you get 3 points.

Also it has a fun point system:
Tanks-1 point
Mid Sized (hogs/etc)-2 points
Small (Ghost/Etc)- 3 points
Flying-1 point
Un-Combat (mangoose)-5 points

Pretty much the harder it is to defend or such the more glory.

Dat it
So. What does you think my friend?

It sounds like you want a game of 3-plots… Reach has this in the OBJ Playlist. I like territories, but the offense/defense style of it is just not that great.

Sounds fun! I am tired of hearing about slayer, I care about objective more :D!!