Let's Talk About Remixes

Hey everyone just thought I would put in my 2 cents about an issue I’ve about the lack of different feeling maps in some of the Arena Playlists. I don’t know much about map making as I am barely getting used to Halo 5’s forge, but I know the community has been making some nice maps and I feel they should be integrated within the playlists. I know 343 recently had the forum team allow the community to send their map creations in and hopefully they’ll be adding in some of the maps that the community had created. So moving along, let’s talk about some of the remixed or similar feeling maps that I can remember off the top of my head.
The Rig/Molten

Not to mention Warzone Assault maps, Breakout maps, and any other Arena maps that I missed. Although in some cases the remixes will play and feel better than the original. I personally enjoy Molten and Stasis more than their counterparts. So What do you think about the remixes and same feeling maps? Let me know

I’d prefer brand new fresh maps over remixes but I’ll take 343 remixes over community maps. Doubles has shown many are just trash, and I’m at least happy that 343 will eventually put in their own maps instead, I just wish/hope they make new ones rather than using what’s already here. My issue with community maps are exploits and bad map design, the prison map is a perfect example, to many power ups on such a small map, and if one team gets all of them then gg. So 343 needs to add their maps or the forge maps need to be improved on. It could just be my concept on 2v2 maps, most 4v4 maps can play decently at least, it’s more or less 2v2 playing like -Yoink- due to the maps. I forgot how many there were but on 2 play good IMO.

I’m pretty sure Tyrant isn’t a remix of Coliseum.

In reply to Emperor Nova, and I’m pretty sure I said " So let’s talk about the remixed or similar feeling maps I can think about off the too of my head" Tyrant is much more compact than Coliseum, but it some areas the design is similar is to Coliseum.

Oh and Optic Prison was the worst Texx