Let's talk about oddball

Since the beginning of halo 4’s release, i’ve really wanted the Scout APEX variant, but in order to get it, you need to master the oddball victory commendation

Not a big deal. You just have to play lots of oddball.

Well, now that it’s no longer a playlist, it’s nearly impossible to get a game of oddball.

You can go into the team objective playlist- but a little more than 300 people at most play that gametype. And most of those players are over the top good and pick extraction.

You have a very low chance of getting this armor variant now…
Do you think that 343 will do anything to make it possible to acquire?

My thought was maybe make grifball count as an oddball victory.

I would reeeeaaallly like to get that helmet. Any ides?

I know how you feel. I love that skin too. I’ll never get it though.