Let's Talk About Medals

Given the large sandbox and all the things that you can do in this game 343 have really gotten creative with the medals. Seeing as how we don’t have a proper Service Record yet, I thought we could start compiling all the obscure (but cool nonetheless) medals in Infinite. Just post a medal you earned and how you got it. I’ll go first:

Odin’s Raven - Reveal 3+ Enemies with a Single Threat Sensor


Pull - Snipe an enemy out of a man canon.

Rideshare - drive someone for the flag cap. I’ve done it a few times but only got it once so there may be some more to it.

Achilles Spine - Backsmack someone using overshield.

Sneak King - Backsmack someone using camo.

Lawnmower - Destroy Vehicle with the Chopper ram

360 - spin and kill an enemy

There are ones for double kill with one hammer swing and two kills with one grenade but I don’t know what they are called. The other day I shot a grenade and killed two players with it, was dope.


Ninja - Jump over an enemy and back smack them
Windshield wiper - Knock off a player high jacking your banshee
Boom Block - Deploy a drop shield to block an incoming rocket

there’s one for killing someone mid grapple but I cant remember.

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Let’s see I have secured the below.

Chain reaction- kill an enemy with a shock chain.

Always rotating- capture all zones in single life

Fire and Forget - Long range rocket kill

And the most recent one…

Autopilot Engaged – Kill the enemy driver of a moving vehicle with a sniper rifle

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Some surprising ones for me were:

Saboteur: destroy 5 enemy vehicles
Pancake: splatter someone with the repulsor
Return to sender: kill someone by repulsing their grenade/projectile
Dogfight: take out a flying vehicle while in a flying vehicle
Ballista: make a long range kill with the skewer
Remote detonation: kill someone by shooting a grenade

And of course all the “5 specific kill medals” like: rifleman, marksman, bomber, pilot etc

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I believe they are:

Grand Slam - Kill 2+ enemies with one hammer swing

Cluster Luck - Kill 2+ enemies with one grenade

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Killing someone mid-grapple gets you a ‘Whiplash’ medal