Let's Talk About Halo 4

Note: Don’t be making assumptions that Reach was my first Halo game because 3 actually was. I’ve played every Halo game (besides Wars) and enjoyed each of them in a different ways.

Seeing the gameplay for the first time has given me more hype than I initially thought I would have. 343 has done an excellent job and gone above and beyond on how I thought the game would’ve looked. Master Chief in-game looks great.

So sprint is in Halo 4. Big deal! We are Spartans that should be able to sprint anyways. And who said that armor abilities would return? This may be a default ability which would mean everyone still starts off on equal ground. Just because you see something from Reach, doesn’t mean you should freak out about it. Let’s wait to play the final, finished product before we make the final judgement.

I like the idea of playing as Spartan VI’s and I wonder if the way they play in multiplayer will be any different from the way Chief plays in the campaign. I also like the concept of how 343 will be giving a reason for why the Spartan IV’s are fighting each other.

After today, I don’t need another glimpse at Halo 4 because I know I’m getting it. Though, when information does get released (because it will), I’ll still watch it. I don’t need to have faith in 343 anymore because now I TRUST them with this franchise and I can’t wait to pick up my copy of Halo 4 this Holiday season!