Lets Talk About "Classic" Halo, and Sprint in Halo

Sprint isn’t going away.
It’s here to stay.
Whether you’re happy about that, or sad, I don’t really care…
But it ain’t going.
All of you asking for a “classic” Halo…
So…you want a Halo 3 clone?
Cause that’s the vibe I get off of people asking for a “classic” Halo.
Halo 6 will probably be very similar to Halo 5, with a few changes here and there and hopefully an enjoyable campaign.

However, sprint is here to stay.
Don’t like it? Blame Bungie then.
They added it.
But it’s here to stay, whether you like it, or not.

Another pointless same old post. Please stop. This isn’t a discussion you’re looking for, you’re looking for a flame war. You don’t need to make a topic on your own opinion.

The problem is that they added a classic halo mode in reach. It was the high populated for like the first 2 weeks and then it slowly dipped as other playlists became populated again. I like the sprint feature because I feel like it brings a different play style that halo has not had to much of. And that is more discussion making. Should I try to go a full sprint to rocket spawn? half way and then mall walk to it incase other enemies are at the ready?

How similar are Halo 4 and 5? Yeah I can see Halo 6 being a carbon copy of 5 totally. We also needed another sprint thread.

Are you really looking for a discussion? Halo 4 implemented ordnance drops and that was taken out, don’t be so naive to think because something is here now it will never change. Halo 3 had no sprint and it sold like hot cakes, base speed>sprint everyday.

This is just a, “Git gud” or “Adapt” thread and that doesn’t do anything constructive.