Let's take a moment to say everyone makes mistakes

So far we have had 343 since 2012 and haven’t been very satisfied. But as halo 5 has been going on 343 has slowly been making it into a proper halo game. 343 gets so much hate everyday for almost anything, hell they even get it from me I’ll admit that.
But after reach we basically as halo fans set a line that needs to be met. With halo 4 and 5 they didn’t meet that line but with mcc other than no online play they reached the bar.
But let’s all admit everyone makes mistakes

Here I will list all the mistakes that I know of. But I will admit as time has passed they have learned (to a degree) from some of their mistakes.

Current mistakes:
Halo 5 Campaign plot holes
Lack of game modes in halo 5 matchmaking
Not giving anything to people who beat halo 5 on legendary
Constant recycling of maps

Unfixable mistakes:
Halo 5’s false marketing

Debatable whether they are mistakes or not:
No playable elites
The wrighting team
Spartan charge
Weapon and vehicle sounds
The REQ system

Fixed mistakes:
the T-shirt cannon rocket launcher
Different weapons from halo 4 not having any real variety other than a reskin.
An amazing forge in halo 5

I’m being honest everyone makes mistakes in their life, but I’m confident that 343 can fix their mistakes and make a halo everyone can enjoy and Agee on.

I agree.

I’m hoping the errors in your post were intentional in order to be funny.

ADS sucks

> 2533274880633045;3:
> I’m hoping the errors in your post were intentional in order to be funny.

No not to be funny.