Look as one of the 10 forgers of bungie"pick by them" I can tell you there i no effort what so ever. The map where usually themed by something.
We are missing an important point here. They never have done a single halo"vibe"map since halo reach. Because its there 2ndt game as an actual company.
Yes they may be terrible at making map.
Yes the campaign is changing.
Yes maybe they are sell out to Microsoft.
But we should be happy that we even have HALF A GAME.
May i remember you lady’s and gent’s. Bungie said halo was finish at halo reach. They did what they wanted and “finish with a bang”.
343i have a monster in they’re shoulder. The top #1 fps of all console history.
That is saying something.
I don’t agree with a lot of they’re choice. But they saw the community dying so they had to try a new concept. Only a blind folded wouldn’t see that.

Stop being on there -Yoink- they are not going to listen to us if we just -Yoink-. There’s a way to do a constructive complaint.
And the trolls “let them be” the more attention you’re going to gave them the more they are going to “respawn”.
As a giant fan of Halo. I to am afraid the series is gonna die. But the comunity it’s self is destroying it from they inside.
So peoples. Here something simple you want to explain your concern well do it in a mature matter.

See you planet side