Lets Run HCS Playlist Only

Looking for high IQ players with map, team work, and spawn trap wisdom, mics are not a concern to me when you dont know spawns and map control. I competed at 5 pro gaming events with the medal shown on my GB account as well as i have photos as proof. My team started seed 196th in our first event for Halo in Orlando and at our last event we was seeded 99th and ended up losing in LBR6 seeding 42nd at MLG Raleigh. Team jerseys are included and need dedicated players so that i can make a move for possible sponsors with my credentials. Not looking for any STAT SHEET players who only care about themselves and stats. Message me online if interested. Working on having a new event team logo and name created if i can find some talented players.

Twitch - Twitch
Twitter - @FooLy_Bruh
Youtube - FooLy’s Channel