Let's Play: Spartan Ops!

Greetings, Operatives and Spartans!

Spartan K07-KeturahVII aka KetMonster here with a quick update from one of our Spartan teams exploring Requiem[and my favorite!], Crimson.

My dear friends, SepheusIX and NoxmasterV, have decided to record and share their lovely experiences on Requiem for everyone on board the UNSC Infinity who could not join them!

They “won” an all expense paid vacation to exotic and never before seen parts of Requiem, courtesy the Storm Faction! There sure is a lot to see, hear, and do in these exclusive and fantastic places; so be sure to check back often for fresh recordings! :wink:

Click here to watch as Crimson get to experience an array of special treatments and exotic get-aways!*

Check often, and subscribe to be notified of any more adventures they have! I will be checking in with them often from my current posting on the UNSC Infinity to bring you updates and answer questions. :slight_smile:


*Currently Spartan S09-SepheusIX is experiencing difficulties with the recording equipment in his helmet. He’ll let us know once it’s up and running again!

| Very interesting indeed K07. I’m subscribing now and looking forward to the future vid-logs.
Thank you for this information, I’ll be sure to enjoy it and put it to use in my own journeys. |

/Tuo Silens Mors

/Semper Vigilans

Sable! Glad to hear you will be enjoying their logs and taking notes for yourself. :slight_smile: Feel free to send them comments, questions, or suggestions if you have any; they’ll be happy to answer!


Seems the two of them have uploaded another recent vidlog; and this time the Stormies have done them a life saving favor! Or have they…