Let's not let the campaign's success overshadow what we need (quick wins)

The campaign (at least narratively) seems to be pretty solid and has been receiving a lot of praise (rightfully so - thank you Joe Staten).

But let’s not forget that multiplayer still has a long way to go. Of course, as we know, the big thinks we’re asking for will take time and while it’s crazy that basic things aren’t here at launch, it is what it is and hopefully we will get them sooner than later. We can’t let these asks go because the more time that passes, the more complacent we may become.

With that said, here are a few MP things that can likely be addressed very quickly and easily to fix some of the issues a lot of people have been expressing.

Radar range needs to be increase to 24m (90% setting in customs) - why?

  • The current radar is absolutely worthless
  • General consensus is that the classic radar is what players wanted
  • By the time it picks up an enemy, you are already being shot

Player collision needs to be on in all game modes- why?

  • Ghost Melees
  • Enemies phasing through each other during gunfights
  • Teammate griefing by kill steals, blocking shots, causing self-destructs with explosives.

Friendly fire needs to be on in all game modes - why?

  • Absolutely no consequence for grenade spam
  • Poor team cohesion since you can just spam nades
  • Some grenades hurt, some don’t = conflicting training on grenade avoidance

Red Reticle Needs to be enabled for all weapons (PC Players) - why?

  • Removing it did nothing to stop cheaters
  • No visual indication of when aim assist is active leading to rough transitions on how to aim
  • Impossible to tell the effective range of weapons
  • Creates an inconsistent experience across platforms
  • Likely a contributing factor to why the aiming generally feels unpleasant to most

Strafing acceleration needs to be decreased (80% for H3 feel or 90% for H5 feel) - why?

  • Current strafe acceleration creates more twitchy gunfights which doesn’t meld well with Halo’s TTK
  • With change of direction so sudden, tracking a target is incredibly annoying
  • Likely a large contributing factor to why aiming generally feels unpleasant.

Rotating weapon spawns need to be turned off in all game modes - why?

  • (Opinion) Varying weapons do not allow that piece of unique identity of maps
  • Map knowledge is essentially useless as it’s RnG which weapons will be there on start
  • This is not an equal start mechanic - it isn’t fair that one side may get a BR while one may get a VK

Vehicle rebalancing - why?

  • With the increase of anti-vehicle weaponry, vehicles are often not worth utilizing due to low health
  • the banshee is all around an unpleasant experience and pales in comparison to the wasp.

The majority of the points above can all be achieved in custom games so it’s clear the functionalities already exist within the game. Again, these are all quick and easy and can likely be implemented without issue.

It’s a place to start and hopefully as time goes on we can start tackling the larger issues.


I agree with everything except the strafe acceleration. I like it where it’s at. It actually makes strafing viable whereas it was almost useless in past Halo games. This is more in line with modern shooters and it plays very well this way. Feels more fluid and responsive instead of like you’re wading through molasses. As for the difficulty tracking I find it easy to track, but perhaps you’re playing on controller which I could see being frustrating considering how bad the aim assist is.


I can definitely see the counter argument and as much as I prefer H3 strafe acceleration, I do think it should definitely be less than it is now.

Of course, that’s subjective but you did call it, I play on controller on PC so it really does make the tracking an awful experience in close quarter fights.

I think there’s a sweet spot in there (90% if you set it in customs) but I don’t think instant works with the TTK of Halo and the fact that we are forced to play cross play.

I would also add that some of the vehicles need a buff (especially the Warthog health and Banshee firepower).

And the vehicle spawns in BTB need to be balanced. Giving one team a Scorpion while the other team gets a Gungoose is just dumb.

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The vehicle spawns are 100% on my list but I figured that would be more mid-long term on their end with the new system.

A rebalance though may very well be something easy so I’ll add it. :slight_smile:

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Idk I’d argue it’s absolutely perfect where it’s at. It’s really not difficult to track the strafing. It’s down to the aim assist.

I agree with about 80% of this and I love how you brought suggestions and reason. Instead on crying like others, giving an idea and solutions. Great post! Great Suggestions!

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It is tough to point at a specific reason and I’ve seen a lot of possible reasons for it but of course, input device plays a big part. As a controller player, it really does make cqc incredibly frustrating when someone is spamming ADAD (thank you no ibmm).

I actually like where the aim assist/bullet mag is (even as a controller player, I’m happy there is less of it). It’s opinion but the thing I always brought me to Halo over other fps’ was that the gunfights emphasized strategy.

To illustrate, in H3 when in a strafing fight up close, when you see someone slowing down that’s your queue to think “they’re about to switch direction so I need to anticipate that and adjust to stay on target”

It’s subtle and happens so fast in our brain but it’s something I always appreciated with the higher TTK in Halo that allows us to put some thought into how we engage each other beyond the scope of “whoever gets first shot or reacts better = win”.

That’s simply not a possibility in Infinite because the change happens instantly and you can’t really anticipate something that fast. That’s before even getting into frame rates, netcode, etc.

It’s a complex topic for sure though but I definitely think it attributes to the aiming a lot of people aren’t happy with.

I mean, the majority of strafing is just left to right. Personally I just developed a muscle memory for it a long time ago. In its most basic form all you’re doing is criss-crossing the way you move with where you’re aiming. I think the key here is YOU have to be strafing at the same time and it becomes a relatively simple action.

Also, I think you can boil it down to just input because if we were to assume you an I were on a similar skill level and run with that idea then the only difference is our input method where I have an easy time tracking strafes and you find it more difficult.

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I definitely strafe as I agree, most player do. For how they strafe, the majority yes probably just moves left/right but I personally try to mix it up as much as possible (mid stop, step back, etc) depending on the engagement of course.

But yes, the input plays a really big part in it so I think the solution is either find a sweet spot between H3 acceleration and what we have or give us the option to use ibmm.