Let's not forget

Halo 3 had paid DLC maps. So many of us are complaining about REQs that you don’t have to pay for (save a few armors). Can you imagine if 343 made us pay for any of the new maps we’ve gotten?

Personally, I’m grateful for 343 and I’ve even thrown them some money for the Warzone and Arena premium packs. Not telling anyone what they should or shouldn’t be upset about, just giving my opinion as a grown adult and veteran halo fan who doesn’t complain about modes of entertainment.

I semi-agree. Free updates are nice, but I am concerned with how few maps there are, even at this current point. If map ideas are hard, they should do official remakes of classic maps to help add variety. I hate seeing Riptide or Empire every 3 slayer/swat matches.

I totally agree with that, I would also pay for new maps. I’m just aware of how “bad” that would be if they did it.

But yea, either way they need more maps.