Let's make Halo 6 good. 343, BLOW US AWAY!

Hey, I want 343 to actually innovate with Halo 6, and not play safe with Halo 5. Sure H5 looks fun, but there’s not any real innovation. It just looks like it’s playing safe the whole way through. Not to criticize on the game though. So why is this thread towards Halo 6? Well, focus group testing is probably being conducted now or soon, so I want to say what I want in the next Halo game. And what I want is MY MIND TO BE BLOWN. I want crazy innovation. I don’t want copy and pasting mechanics from other shooters into Halo, I want those shooters to copy and paste mechanics FROM HALO. What I want in Halo 6 is a masterpiece that does not bore people in 10-15 years, like the early Halo games. The kind of game that everyone praises, like COD MW2, Half-Life, the original Halo trilogy. This is what I want, what do you guys think?

Can we enjoy Halo 5 first?

What’s this? You’re telling me that after 14 years, Halo 5 isn’t the perfect example of what a 5th major Halo installment can be?

Impossible. That’s heresy :stuck_out_tongue:

The 5th installment wouldn’t just have Spartans vs Spartans to play as nuff said.

Settle down now… Let’s get Halo 5 and Halo Wars 2 out of the way first.

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> Can we enjoy Halo 5 first?

Yes. Let’s do that.

You just came from a BDobbinsFTW video, didn’t you?

How about we enjoy Halo 5 first and then worry about 6 later.

This is a bit too early.

What in the hell?

How about we wait until Halo 5 releases before talking about Halo 6.

i thought this topic is about halo 5.

Slow down. Halo 5 isn’t even out yet. They probably haven’t even started concept on halo 6 yet

I agree that much can be done in Halo 6, but back up a bit, and enjoy Halo 5 first.


Hold your horses. Let’s get through Halo 5 first and then we can talk about Halo 6.