Lets Make a List For 343 of What Needs Tweaks

Since the original thread got buried I am re posting it. I would like to see these forums become more orgainzed and compromising instead of just flaming eachother. If 343 is going to be able to do anything they need organized feedback and not a civil war among the forumers. Anyhow lets begin.

All I see is combat on these forums against one another and nothing will be accomplished unless we work together. Allow people to voice their opinions on each side and don’t bash eachother for having an opinion…just don’t make your opinion be the alleged opinion of all the forums.

Now with that lets craft a list together so that 343 can see the opinions of the whole of the forum in a dignified and compromised manner. Allow me to start.

The game overall is good but not without its flaws. For example: in BTB the vehicles suffer from low resistance to the primary rifles. This makes vehicle combat die out very quickly into suicidal charges with ghosts and mongooses while the heavy vehicles respawn only to be destroyed in seconds because of a number of things.

Issue: Vehicle Longevity

Solution: Give them more resistance to the primary rifles and have heavies like the tank on exile, the wraith on vortex, and mantis on ragnarok less vulnerable to the PP e.m.p. stun so that vehicles have a longer life span in the matches.

Issue: Exile Gauss Hog…people have beaten this time and time again and it isn’t as bad as it is made out to be but it nonetheless is making the map favored toward the blues with the vulnerability of the tank in its current spawn location. This does break map flow on this popular map fairly often and isn’t overly hard to stop but still for the betterment of the map a slight tweak is needed.

Solution: I propose that the tank be left as is and that the gauss hog be swapped out with a chaingun warthog in BTB and a gauss hog for both sides on dominion

Now lets continue this in a dignified and respectable manner. What do both sides want to see changed in the first patch. What are the biggest issues you guys see.

Update 1:

Issue: Weapon Despawn Times: Weapons in Halo 4 disappear quite quickly leaving many without ammo when providing cover fire or any form of support in which they aren’t being killed.

Solution: Increase the time the weapons are on the ground so that people can replenish their ammunition so as to continue their sprees or continue aiding their team without needing to die to continue. As it stands weapons vanish a little bit too fast. Maybe leave them for another 10-20 seconds.

Update 2:

Issue: Boltshot effectiveness compared to Scatter shot and Shotgun. The secondary fire is a bit too effective for a loadout weapon compared to the true shotguns making those two guns used less frequently when everyone can have basically as pocket shotgun.

Solution: Reduce range of the overcharge and make it all or nothing once charging begins and perhaps a slightly longer charge time.

Issue: DMR effectiveness at all ranges. The DMR has range that is comparable to the sniper rifle and a fire rate that allows it high effectiveness in close range when it should easily be destroyed by assault rifles and BR at close range. The flinch mechanic isn’t strong enough to stop people from using it as a mini sniper rifle since they don’t have to cope with being descoped when shot.

Solution: Make rifles descope when shot. Reduce the fire rate and range for stronger balance of the rifles and allowing the sniper rifle a bit more prominence in its niche.

An option to disable instant spawn in Slayer, Oddball, King of the Hill, and Grifball(possibly more gametypes, those are just off the top of my head).

Forge is lacking the precision editing from Reach.

1.Custom loadout, have to be changed to normal loadout like in halo reach

2.Over powered splatter, Splatter damge really has to be reduced

3.Bullet flinch, Change it to zooming out again plz plz plz really hating this one

4.Lag, I don’t know why but with no game on xbox/pc i have any internet lag,
In halo 4 it happens and it is really annoying

5.Join in progress, Maybe some kind of option so you can set if you dont care to join an inprogress game or if you dont want to

6.Under powered vehicles, With the new custom loadouts you can set plasma pistol as standard weapon so just one oveloaded shot and the tank is gone

7.Weapon spawn, Weapons have to spawn on the map on standard places

8.Over powered melee?, I tried it with a friend and if im right you can shoot a
guy 2 times with a dmr/lightrifle/br and then melee him and he is dead.
I think the shield must be completly down in order to kill him with a melee hit

9.Points instead of kills?, Because comeone 343 halo is not about points its about kills, Even a 3 year old kid can be at the top of the list just for assisting

In gametypes like oddball and king of the hill I can understand wanting instaspawn out. I wouldn’t want to beat down a guy with the oddball only to have them turn around and end me because they just respawned and I didn’t get the time to recover my shields. King of the Hill probably doesn’t need to have insta spawn either. Would be nice to have the hill secure for a moment for shield recharge than to have people constantly bearing down on you. Never had problems with it in slayer, that or I just don’t notice.

On the second poster’s points I agree with points 2,3,5, and 6.

1: I don’t agree because it is always nice to have some customization. However I do believe the plasma pistol should be an oridance so as to give vehicles some longevity.

2: Agree completely but more that it isn’t overpowered, but inconsistent. I barely touch people and they die, hit and full speed and they bounce off unscathed. I can get a betrayal by barely bumping an ally when starting up the ghost.

3: The bullet flinch hasn’t stopped me from sniping people and seems only a minor hindrance and I don’t think it does much to skilled players. I do think that unscoping would be better in this case as it would make Ragnaraok a bit more fun and not so much of a DMR fight from each base shooting at the hill and killing the unlucky guy who walks up there in seconds.

4: I’m not sure how this would be fixed because that is all tied to the connectivity of the individual players to others and NAT incompatibilities of people with STRICT or MODERATE.

5: Perhaps an option to say you would prefer not to join a match that has already begun would please some people. I see no harm in an option for that.

6: This is already in the OP under vehicle longevity but I completely agree that vehicles need an armor buff against the load out weapons and that heavies need to have resistance to the PP (maybe just slow the vehicle down more and slow the fire rate or something like that).

7: I haven’t had a problem with the ordinances and I don’t think we should go back to camping power weapons and spawn killing because one team has all the power weapons. That is just my opinion.

8: Didn’t notice this, but I think it can be left alone for now so as to deal with larger problems though that might need a tweak later on to give less power to the DMR and BR in close range when that should be the home of the automatics , Shotguns, and Scattershots.

BOLTSHOT!! Destroy it NAOW!!!

Its easy to deal with?..
Get hologram and trick them, Get PV to see where they are, Get camo to get pass them with out being seen, Get hardlight shield to defend your self…
It is not that bad

Nothing needs tweaked praise MS
praise Haloz

> Nothing needs tweaked praise MS
> praise Haloz

Because people like you halo is as it is (not good)

The boltshot has been mentioned before and while not that bad in all honesty is does have its flaws and is a bit too useful at close range. I think that it should be an all or nothing deal like the laser or PP with its secondary fire. And don’t flame eachother he has his opinion and you have yours. However no game is without its flaws and we are here to bring each side to a compromise for the sake of 343,

Its just the player bro if your good you can deal with anything but sometimes you do have your bullshizz time where you dont know what happend but i figured out my ways to own what i hated the most but now i own them boltshots everything else well i never notice cause im a shooting person not a car driver or whatever

Reduce the auto aim on the DMR and snipers. Snap shotting, especially with the beam rifle is ridiculously easy and people seem to pull off 5sk with the DMR far more frequently then they should and ever would in past games.

10: Medals back because it is something that belongs to halo
11: Multi kill announcer, Just like in halo reach the announcer has to say things like double kill triple kill ect.

I disagree with the PP being OP but here is a thought. Heavys take two PP shots to stop. One slows everything.
I seldom use the PP on anything but foot Spartins. Nice 1/2 combo. It drops even over shield in two shots.

I have found the bolt shot silly. The campers are easy to find then assassinate. Like I tell people that blame me for camping, “you know where I am, why didn’t you try another way to get me?”

I think PP overcharge should only ever slow the heavy vehicles because then many people could overcharge shot the heavies and still get the same effect. I have found after playing with the DMR( wanted to know what the big deal was) and I do find it very easy to use on Ragnarok with the very large sight lines. The medals and announcer to me aren’t a problem needing to be on this list (i don’t see them as much of a problem anyway say for that there seems to be a medal for everything now which means you could get a medal for breathing figuratively speaking).

  1. Option to turn insta-spawn off in custom games, insta-spawn taken out of all objective types and considered for slayer. Slayer pro should not have insta-spawn.

  2. Removal of de-scope, at least on the DMR. This would balance the DMR and the BR much more, add in a little decrease in aim assist and you’re golden.

  3. Why’s the damn radar 15m bigger? That’s way to big!

  4. Boltshot nerf. Range decreased to 5.5m (shotty is 7.75 scatter is 7.5) only 1hk when fully charged, or has a charge set like the laser, and your camo turns off while charging it.

  5. Forge fixes, controls and lighting are both messed up.


1: 1-50 in game ranks
2: when shot get knocked out of scope
3: bring back button combos (BXR, Double shot, grenade glitch)
4: Death penalty/ no instant respawn
5: social and competitive playlists
6: more small maps
7: Team doubles and a ton of other playlists need to be added
8: No random weapon spawns (have everything on set timers)
9: More power weapons being spawned. (there’s not many in non infinity games)
10: Weapons disappear slower when dropped.

To A Wild Jmacz
1: no problem with that more options are always welcome. Would please people on both sides.

2: the flinching is not working as it should in my opinion. On Ragnarok I did find myself performing a lot better when I used the DMR over my standard arctic BR. The range it has allows for people to camp out at the rocks around the left side of blue (looking out from blue base) or the hill opposite the downed pelican and have little trouble putting down snipers who worked for the weapon or just slaughtering players who try and leave the base and strike anywhere on the map.

3: I never noticed the radar being larger, probably not a big thing to add to this list.

4: Boltshot is a bit too powerful in comparison to the scattershot and shotgun making the other two less popular when you can basically just spawn with a shotgun essentially. I want to see more people using the scattershot and shotgun more often.

5: more options are always better, never noticed lighting problems but I’m sure they are there. Nothing is perfect.

6: More options for playlists is always nice because it adds variety.

To Vinicent:

1: Ranks are coming as confirmed by 343. We need to see what exactly they are doing before we continue on this one.

2: Been mentioned and I agree the flinch doesn’t hinder snipers and DMR users enough to balance them out when shot by BR, Light Rifle, and Carbine users (that is only the precision rifles)

3: Not sure what you are talking about. Could you explain to me what those are?

4: Instaspawn can stay but needs tweaking so that people have a chance to recover before being mauled again by a fresh wave 2 seconds later.

5: I haven’t had a problem with how the playlist are now in that they are trying to bring everyone together and not divide them.

6: With sprint they have to be slightly larger but it does seem that they are emphasizing BTB and larger team gametypes. More maps isn’t a problem though so I’m all for it as long as there is a nice variety in sizes.

7: The other playlists will come in time. Be patient 343 is working on that. We can’t demand instant change though we might want it.

8: I don’t mind random weapon spawns although sometimes they are favorable to a side in some matches and the other in another match, not sure how to balance that perfectly but perhaps equal drops on either side. I think the ordiance is more emphasized here though over static weapons and better for it (no more power weapon camping and spawn killing because one team has all of them and the other have no chance and besting them).

9: I haven’t had much problems there but I have seen a larger quantity of lesser weapons in the hands of others while I get plenty of big guns. Perhaps it is because the match is not vehicle oriented so anti vehicle weaponry isn’t a priority drop and long range isn’t as prominent.

10: been mentioned before and I agree with you there.

We are doing good so far people, keep your thoughts coming so that we can help 343 make halo 4 as good as possible before halo 5.