Lets Look Back On How Hyped We All Used To Be

Lets do that shall we?
4 million views, I recently re-visited this trailer and -Yoink!- I remember how hyped I was. This game was going to be AMAZING.
I remember being so hyped, weren’t we all? How hyped were you for this dark, adventuring and intense campaign?
…or so, we thought i’d be.

So hyped! Too bad that the story was actually by and far the most underwhelming yet :confused: Liked the squad gameplay (revive, spotting enemies… etc.) but that plot was a massive let down, especially compard to all the trailers and hype bout #huntthetruth.

thanks for reminding me on how disappointed i am.

This game was going to have an amazing, intense, dark campaign.

Just give us AI and textboxes in Forge 343i, so we can make our own campaign.

Unfortunately (Or Fortunately) I didn’t get all hyped… After watching Halo 4 go to crap, and then the -Yoinking!- joke they did to Halo 2 and MCC… My expectations were low… And they still came in below thse low expectations… Sad the things that could have been with both MCC and H5…

Never thought I would be this far in and game types and modes still missing from this game. Never thought I would have to weed through all these variants of Mongoosie, warthogs etc… Thank god for me the main thing that has remianed is SWAT. Lol

Yep… I was so excited for this campaign, only to come out of it feeling disappointed.

Halo 5, while having good gameplay, is ultimately yet another failure on 343i’s part. The third in a row. I don’t know if I can expect anything good from them anymore.

Matador, Were is that sound clip you use? I think it’s appropriate for this occasion lol