Lets keep this up members!

I just received a reply from the Halo Waypoint Community in the email for reporting leakers and pirates on Youtube. Here’s their reply:

Thank you very much for reporting these.

As you know with the past few weeks fellow members, 343 is stepping up and keeping up the pressure on these heretics for spoiling Halo 4 for us. I’ve spotted and reported many videos on Youtube to the Waypoint community by email. I hope everyone here is doing the same thing. Halo 4 is only 7 days away from launch. As you know, Youtubers posts videos every single day and 343 needs our help on tracking these people down and give them the ultimate punishment. Halo 4 is only 7 days away. Lets find these leakers and pirates that are on Youtube and bring them the ultimate banhammer punishment! DX

Btw peeps check this out it’s funny XD Halo Reach Machinima: Halo 4 Leakers!!! 343 Responds!