lets hope its done right...

my main concern and probably a large amount of the halo community and its fans too would be that of multiplayer. its 343’s main flag pole so its not going to be rushed, unlike some aspects of halo reach done by bungie. i am not complaining but merely opinionating my concern and what i would like to see online. i hope there to be a wide variety of playlists and maps unlike recently that have kind of ruined halo reach, i would enjoy playlists to be centered around classic game modes without armor abilities and mods as i personally like it simple as that is why i like halo above other games, especially halo 3. simplicity to a certain extent is what made it so fun and great to play as it did not need aspects like customization like its so called rival call of duty at the time of its release. this is the main game i will be playing until the next installment so i hope to enjoy it from start to finish. i have played basically every halo game to a certain extent to say that i have experience and know how the game plays, feels and looks, so before anyone comments about my opinion then just remember that i am just concerned and feel the need to express what i think about the future of halo as i do not want to see it change due to competition in the market but to stay unique like the rest of the titles (excluding halo reach in a way)but saying that i do have faith in 343.

Well you were right about one thing, bungie screw’d up reach quite a bit. Also, i agree with you on how halo should stay unique, and not change to much just to keep up with competition in the market.

From my point, Reach for me was an excelent game. I hated only the armor lock, the rest of AA’s was fine for me, never hated a halo game i will never hate halo game

I didn’t hate Reach but I just felt that it a was a ok game. The difference between awesome and good enough is so big and it kinda feels like Reach was good enough. (Good enough sucks)