Let's Help 343 with Game Types

Let’s help 343 with the game modes shall we.

I have seen a lot of posts about how 343 should include/not include certain game types in Halo Infinite. Most recently, I’ve seen talk about BR coming to Halo and I’ve seen good arguments come from both sides. I just want to list one for each side

For BR:
The Halo universe would be perfect for a BR game type. It absolutely would. Whether we fight with Spartans, ODST’s, Elites, or any other mix of fighters, it would be fun. Halo has the perfect combination of weapons, vehicles, fighters, and environments to make an amazing BR game.

Against BR:
343 should not follow trends and instead create them. I completely agree. Only because I think 343 have done okay with the Halo franchise. They have even done great in some circumstances.

The Problem:
It is difficult to create new game types! Many of the game types in Halo took many years to develop and balance to make them great. We need to support new ideas, and even remixes of old ideas. Additionally, the people who want 343 to create new game types are usually the people who have not enjoyed what 343 has done to Halo (REQ packs, warzone, weapon variants, movement, etc.)

The solution:
Let’s give 343 some well thought out game mode options for Halo Infinite. I have thought of established game modes and ideas of new game modes that I think 343 could include in their new game.

The Basics:
Slayer: classic free-for-all or 4v4 team slayer
Big Team Battle: this was one of my favorite game modes in Halo 3 because of the large maps and incredible balance between weapons and vehicles. There needs to be an apparent focus on this
Capture the Flag
Team Doubles

Added over the years:
Warzone: that’s right, I said it. Warzone is a good game type! Yes, there are a couple other games that have adequate PvPvE modes, but Warzone is among the best (if not the best). Yes, the REQ system is a little janky now, but when Halo 5 first came out, the mode was great. It was competitive and I remember countless games being within 50 to 10 points. I say we give good feedback to help 343 fix warzone instead of complaining until it inevitably comes out. Let’s be serious, it WILL be in Halo Infinite.

Firefight: This is a mode that I think has a lot room to improve. When it first launched in ODST I thought it would be an incredible game changer, but it was not. It was basically just a worse Horde mode. There was no reason to keep playing (besides killing covenant, which I have done for years!). The warzone firefight was a good addition to H5, but I want this expanded. Any ideas on new Firefight?

Breakout: I like breakout, but I do think it is a hardcore game type. I don’t know how large the community is, but I’m not against them continuing with breakout in Infinite. I’d just rather have them focus on the basic game types and maps.

Possible New Additions:
This is where we should dream. If we want 343 to create the next best game type then we should give them ideas and be okay with them taking leaps.

Battle Royale: I don’t think having a BR-like game type is a big stretch. Halo has large, beautiful environments that would be perfect for a battle royale-like game. I said a “like” game because I am not sure if a straight 100 person last man standing would be great in Halo. Maybe a squad-fueled Warzone would work. Multiple squads running around killing Covenant, Flood, and Prometheans while also vs other squads. Who knows. I don’t like people limiting Halo because of what it has excelled at in the past. If 343 makes a real sticky game mode then maybe, just maybe, Halo can have a thriving community again. Not saying the game mode has to be BR! Any good new thing will do.

Space Battles: Halo has a leg up on other FPS games because of its lore. We have traveled millions (billions, trillions) of miles through space in the campaign. Give us some space battles in multiplayer! I think a mix of the old battlefront space campaigns and battlefield operations would be cool. If anyone remembers, you could play galactic conquest in BF2 (correct me if the game type is wrong). In this mode, you would have land battles on the different planets and space battles, when your fleets would intersect. Why not incorporate that into a battlefield operations game where you fight many battles on different maps. With the lore of Halo though, they could have space battles as well. Just imagine one team being covenant invaders trying to blow up multiple large space stations (like the Cairo Station in Halo 2). Like a large game of demolition that actually blows something up. Once the space battle is over, depending on who wins, the battle moves to a land battle.

That’s all I can think of right now. Going off this list, what are the old games you would add and give some ideas for NEW game types that you could see in Infinite.
I’m not looking for an argument about BR. I’m really not. Could BR work in Halo? Maybe. I’d rather have something perfectly Halo.

They just need to bring KOTH back & a solid BR. All will be good then.

Honestly I’d start with bringing back ALOT of the older gametypes that were already present within the older Halos, including staples + ones that even 343 created yet they managed to somehow not carry them over from H4 to H5 and let the competitors steal them like Ricochet (now is a staple in CoD games at launch and Rocket League which is revolved around it.) I also really liked Dominion (Which should have been the bases for Warzone.) And Regicide and Extraction which made for good foundations or were reworked older gametypes. On top of that people have been begging for old gametypes like Race, Headhunter, and Invasion to return yet they’ve been gone for far too long.

The problem with Halo 5 I felt was that there wasn’t truly any new gametypes. Warzone is basically just “Super Big Team Battle with Microtransactions” and Breakout was just “Slayer with no shields/buffed health and one life” Halo 5 had hardly any variation outside of some form of Slayer. We’re missing dozens of gametypes which I cant even name, probably nearing a hundred of them if you take the time to count. On top of that objectives in Halo 5 were severely lacking, Strongholds is an abomination and does a poor job substituting KOTH and CTF kept the “Flagnum” which causes people to camp with flag more often than not.

Problem with BR modes, and its showing with alot of the titles now is: its quickly being oversaturated and the longevity is going to quickly die out. It is VERY hard to keep the population of the gametype if it requires nearly 100 people per lobby, and with Halos dwindling fanbase it wouldn’t be territory I’d try to venture into if I was 343. People shouldn’t be fooled by CoDs BR success, its CoD. A juggernaut that has long dethroned Halo, of course it’s going to be popular. And since that game is MP centric only it’ll keep its population since they have stuff to actually play.

The only way I’d ever see BR working in Halo is if its smaller and focused, maybe just 32 players? And have it be more squad oriented on maps that are a tad bit bigger than Warzone maps but built with an “arena” focus with an objective of just straight up hunting the other teams down without the worry of running away from a “storm”. Alternatively if they want to go full on BR, hire a 3rd party (Certain Affinity? YES. Surprised MS didn’t buy them out.) And develop a MP only Halo game that’s Free-to-play or has a cheap price point. So if the BR portion ever dies out, they can pull the plug on it instead of having a mainline Halo game have a big mode be a ghost town and they lose loads of money and reputation.

Also one thing people forget and dont take into consideration though is that for the time being PUBG is an exclusive and its having a small resurgance now with some of the updates. (Not uncommon nowadays for a game to be lauded by many from the start but to evolve to be better like the Division or R6: Siege.) And I bet MS wouldn’t want to have direct competition with one of their own games. It’ll make them look foolish to invest in the once biggest BR games only to let it fall to the wayside just to cash in on Halos name recognition. It makes them look very bad in many ways.