Let's guess what the plot of the Troy Denning’s next project will be?

I noticed the news from 343 about the new novel.It’s also customary to publish two novels a year.
The editor described“The premise alone had my jaw drop to the floor when it was described to me. We’ll be returning to a location from one of Troy’s previous books and seeing this story told through some familiar eyes.”
This makes me very excited and curious.
Could it be about the Spirit of Fire?
Or the elite fleetmaster forgotten on the deserted planet?

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Blue Team on Reach again?

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Unvacated Spartans and portal on the Reach may be a key.

I’ll say this. If the Spirit of Fire rocks up at Zeta Halo, they’ve got four minutes and that’s me being generous. :smile:

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Gao but not blue team of the ferrets is my best guess. Castor and his angel?

The editor described it in surprise.Gao is really a special place, considering the forerunner relics inside.But that AI has been blown up by the Spirit of Fire.It’s also interesting what the lonely castor will do.

Intrepid eye is dead but I’m more j terested in the politics of gao post cortana.
Are the created still enforcing guardians in unsc space?
Plus there are many characters that are familiar there.
Castor ain’t lonely he’s balde master G to hang with still

Who’s got 4 minutes? Spirit of Fire or or the Banished?

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Both. Cutter would have four minutes to destroy the Banished Fleet before the SoF is.

They mention that it took the Banished 4 minutes to destroy the Infinity. Which is 3 times the size of the Spirit of Fire, has shields, forerunner tech and a MAC gun that can punch a hole in a Forerunner Battleship.

So if the SoF showed up, why would we get a different result this time around?

In Halo Wars 2 it was already massively questionable how they lasted more than five seconds against an Assault Carrier. Like that chunk of the Infinity you see rammed would take most of the SoF hull. It would be silly if plot armour ship just walks in and wrecks them; especially since it’s not a true warship like Infinity.

Now if the SoF shows up with the Shadow of Intent and other Elite/UNSC ships; that’s a very different matter.


I noticed that the author’s last two novels are closely related to the in-game story.
“Some familiar eyes” should refer to a character who has appeared in the game before.
Buck’s story was told by another writer, while the stories of the rest of Osiris might have been included in the novel.