Let's give it up for a whole week of 343 ignoring crashes

With the Steam and Microsoft store reviews, it’s easy to see that over 20% of the players experience frequent crashing. If you filter by recent, it’s now more and more common. From personal experience, day 1 was fine. The EXP nerf patch introduced crashes, making me crash every 3-4 games. Now the Tenrai event has me crashing every game, to the point where I can’t complete any game, and any challenges. So much for 343 not wanting to introduce FOMO, oops!

Multiple tickets have been opened, but I doubt I’ll be getting a response anytime soon. I don’t wanna be scary but 343 support tickets regarding game-breaking issues for the MCC took over 3 months to get responses, and it was usually a copy-pasted response that didn’t solve the issue, requiring an additional 3 months before getting it solved. I’m betting the exact same thing will happen to Infinite.

Did anyone get a response on the crashes? Twitter, Discord, HaloWaypoint and these forums don’t get responses from 343, so I’m a bit confused on what to do. If every communication channel they have is one-way, then what’s the point of having any?

The game is badly optimized for PC’s. I get 50-60fps on an $800 graphics card that came out this year and experience occasional crashes. :man_shrugging:t2:

They probably haven’t responded to anyone because it’s a massive technical issue that they don’t know how they’re gonna fix.