Lets get this aimbotter banned!!

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hey this is a serious callout. i stumbled on this guys channel while browsing h5 videos on youtube. his channel is <mark>REDACTED</mark> and the video was 46 killstreak with the phaentom. ill post the times that i belive he is aimbotting incase you dont want to watch the entire video. 5:20, 7:45, 8:20. i just cant belive your crosshair stays locked onto enemies as they are lagging and it has nothing to do with the video itself just watch. at one point his crosshair jumps between two enimes which blatantly shows. its hard to tell but thankfully the players started lagging otherwise its hard to tell with aimbot nowadays’. ive seen aimbot used numerous times as iused to play CS and this guy deffff is . please take the time to watch and file a complaint as i did to keep cheaters out of our games. his gt is <mark>REDACTED</mark>. cheers!

You aren’t supposed to call people out. You may want to edit your post.

As the Xbox One has yet to be modded in any way, there is currently no way to mod or hack games. As such, you won’t be seeing aimbots in the game