Lets get more collectables!

Ok, so we know that if 343i have any sens (which they do) then we know that skulls will be coming back.

i also think that the annimated or some sort of terminals will come back, but why not add more to collect? why not have another round of audio logs, maybe found in pieces of debris from the crashed ships seen in the concept art? these could give the cheif, and people who haven’t read the books, a little insight to the universe around them. such as:

Halsey and ONI, along with the surviving blue team and the infinity, maybe with com chatter about the 343 clone stealing the ship.and maybe all of these could form a timeline similar to the Halo wars one, that was cool!

what do you think?

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Collectable figurines of the characters like in Resident Evil would be cool.
Or a Library that doesn’t require Kinect…