Let's End This Starting Weapon Debate. AR/Sidekick both have faster TTK than BR

Matter of skill. I have no doubt you’d beat me with the BR. I have beaten plenty of BR users with the AR and Sidekick when they had the drop on me. It is a matter of skill not what your favorite gun is.

Depends on the map. In some BTB maps the BR owns at long range when Spartans are in the open.
If there is cover the BR won’t get the quick kill.
On the smaller Arena maps the AR zoomed in almost matches the BR in range before bullets start missing their mark. The Ar/Sidekick combo competes head on with BR’s and being spawn trapped by BR’s does not happen as much. Personally I have never been spawn trapped yet, but I am 100% sure that it happens. Especially if you jump in with a party of 4.
I have not encountered a good Commando users so far, but I’ll take your word that it’s effective.

Definitely depends on the situation. Btb you don’t always get a BR and with the terrible radar it’s very easy for someone to sneak up on you around choke points to spray you in the back.

Even quick play is mainly AR/Pistols so idk what you’re playing unless it’s only ranked

IMO the AR is good, The BR should’ve be much better than the AR in appropriate ranges.
The Sidekick is too OP, better than those weapons in near range is a joke.
The Commando is worse than all of those, joke of a “precision” weapon.

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lol. the AR and BR are good in their respective ranges. How about you measure BR’s ttk at a range that is realistic and not in the firing range. 9 times out of 10 the BR wins. stop whining about made up problems that you don’t understand

In 4v4 maps it should be more useful, sure from long range it is the best, but it should have a little bit less TTK in medium range.

stop being a jerk.

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The firing range is offline and has zero amount of lag. You whine about what you don’t understand. When you test weapons for ttk you don’t want network connection to be a factor. That is why the range video I am trying to make is taking a while since latency issues create false misses. As for range in this video, I shot at the very back of the range adding about 5/10 meters to every spawn and if you peep at the screen the AR and BR are about 15/20 meters and the Sidekick is at 12/17.

9 times out of 10 the BR wins. stop whining about made up problems that you don’t understand

Depends on someone’s skills. I have no issues killing a BR user from 25-40m away with the AR

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Commando is assist the weapon for me. The high bloom on it makes it hard to get a finish with a head shot.
If it got a DPS increase by 20 or 25% I could be used as a DMR.

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