Let's Do it, Lets Keep a Gamenight.

Let’s have a Halo Reach gamenight.
I’m concerned about the game’s survival, and many of you are too. In every Reach revival thread, we came to the conclusion that game nights are great ways to keep people playing the game.
So, here we are. We’ve talked about it enough, let’s make it happen.

We need to schedule a few sessions to make sure everyone in each timezone can participate. We can discuss these things in this thread, in a Spartan Company or by other means (think of Discord and similar programs). Once we have our dates set, we can decide what we’re gonna play: firefight, campaign, matchmaking, custom games, maybe even forge. Then we can discuss about streaming it, recording it and spreading the word on other forums or social media.

What does everyone else think about this?

Im in!
I miss the custom games and ive been looking for a while for people that still play reach.all of my friends left reach or are always playing assasination tower bs

Count me in! Been playing Reach since it’s launch and I would love to keep it around!

I’m in.

I’d be up for it. I’d recommend a mix of competitive playlists, as well as some fun custom games/Forge maps.

i’m in

I’m down.

We got some people now so we can pick a date and play together!

I’m down. What do you all prefer in terms of organizing this? (Here, Discord server, Skype channel, etc). I wouldn’t mind starting off here with thread replies, we could always move to a dedicated Discord server (or similar program) if we start to get too chatty.

Also, what Reach gamemodes do you all prefer?

  • Campaign
  • Firefight
  • Matchmaking
  • Custom Games
  • Forge

I love all of the modes in Reach, but if I’m playing with other people, I’d always prefer Custom Games as #1 and Matchmaking as #2. Forge can also be fun (but very hectic). In terms of custom games, I’m down for literally everything/anything as long as the map is finished and has been tested. Personal favorites include Speed Halo, Trash Compactor, Cops & Robbers/Prison Break, Hot Pursuit, Sword Tournament, and a couple of my own maps I’ve made for infection, assault, CTF, invasion, and slayer variants.

Excited to see Reach fans still hungry for more, hope to hear back from y’all soon.

I made us a Discord server!

I’m in, I want to play The Arena playlist but there is not enough population :frowning:

If we meet we can play Arena go for Rumble Pit… feel the nostalgia.

Add me: ChasedTangent12.

See you on the battlefield

Hey guys, was/is this successful?
I’d want to join! :slight_smile:

GT is my name here…

I’d be down to join as well; maybe get some use out of those DLC maps I’ve barely played on.