Lets Discuss Armor Abilities

“Ah yes armor abilities” Lets Discuss Armor Abilities

this is probably the single most hated/discussed/worrisome/feared addition to Halo 4, below are the confirmed Armor Abilities in Halo 4 and my thoughts on them

first off -


(STANDARD) not really an ability, remains to be explained whether this can be removed for the sake of MLG or just custom games or whatever, but from my point of view i think that HALO needed “sprint” i liked it and now that its standard i cant say that im mad, maybe just curious to see how 343 will make it work


didn’t really mind this ability, it has its uses here and there (for me at least) but i never raged about it in REACH, now that its confirmed i dont really care, but just like sprint i wanna see how 343 works this? maybe some new control scheme which allows you to release a hologram that goes the opposite direction from which you are running, which would be cool if you run into a room with a sword guy chasing you and you release one and it gives you a few seconds of hope that he may have been fooled to strike at it, or maybe they might “buff” it up, by making it possible to produce 2 or more copies depending on the distance you send them


oh lawd… i hate jetpacks, because it breaks map flow and yeah thats pretty much it for me, i dont mind if its in the campaign and Spartan Ops, but if its in Multiplayer i will be very sad, unless its a pick up only and not a load out choice, but still i am confident that 343 will make playlists for those who hate jetpack that will be free from it

Active Camouflage

never really got annoyed with this one, i guess whenever i played nobody used it enough for me to have something constructive to say about it, but i am “OK” with it, and i would like to see it in action in Halo 4 at least before i judge this one, i do hope they nerf it somewhat, so for example if you wanted to hide somewhere and snipe the moment you shoot it depletes completely and overheats or overloads or whatever excuse they come up with to explain the sudden catastrophe and maybe some other punishment like maybe it doesnt recharge as quick, and ontop of that or FAILING that, make the camo users leave a trail of something like - Imagine a jet engine, how the engine leaves a trail of heat/gas or whatever that is or a fairy and how they fly around and they leave sparks and wavy lines in their wake… the catch being the faster you move the “thicker” your trail becomes and the longer it lasts

Forerunner Vision

My Favorite so far, someone somewhere here had the same idea as to what this is and how it works, Imagine Halo ODST and remember how the the VISOR would outline enemies in red, well picture something like that that can see through maybe just one wall, which would highlight enemies as red and friends as blue or yellow? this could be useful against would be campers, BUT if this ability allows you to see through the whole map, at least make it so you cant see the outline of an enemy but maybe just a blurred figure (to conceal his weapons) of where he was a few moments ago

Those are my thoughts on them do you like! now its your turn to share your thoughts on them! remember its no use posting something like “there shouldnt be any at all” tough luck its in the game and its not going anywhere


Sprint works for all other games, and hence it ought to work in Halo. However, I would prefer a sprint similar to Homefront/Unreal/Battlefield/every other FPS, not Reach, sprint that lasts a long time and gives a decent speed boost, but no shooting or so. Sprint in Reach was to slow, and didn’t last near enough to make it a good mean of transportation.

Hologram was fun, sure was limited but still a fun ability that could be used in so many clever ways to fool opponents or scare the blam! out of them ^^
However, it needs to be updated to move more realistic and better mimic the player and his/her reaction, running in s straight line with only a pistol, fading a little now and then, fools no one who’s got a good TV or played a few games. More power to the hologram :wink:

Jetpack, yuck!
IT totally ruined the game, map design and control flew (haha) straight out the window, people could fly outside the map and hide (HLG) or just get other advantages due to the magic ability to rise 3 floors in 10 seconds while other had to run and fight to get there. Jetpack in Reach was horrible, hopefully the Halo 4 version will be better balanced.

Active camper, oh sorry, I meant camouflage :wink:
It worked perfectly as a pick up in Halo 3, but in Reach it led to slow gameplay and really excessive camping. Sniper, shotty, sword, gravity hammer, stickies, almost every weapon + a nice little corner or so could be pared with it for effective camping.
A whole team could hide from combat within seconds. Sure, with decent TV settings it still wasn’t that hard to spot, but it slowed down gameplay a lot and p0romoted camping way to much :confused:

Forerunner vision, something new and probably even good ^^
I too remember the great days of ODST and hope to see something like it, might be the first effective counter to camping and active camo. I hope that any camo-player is highlighted in forerunner vision, bright red since they’ll rage :stuck_out_tongue:
I doubt one can see through the whole map, especially spot enemies across it, I think you’ll outline the map but only can see through solid objects when close, and hence only spot players when somewhat close to them, unless they’re using camo (again, great way to counter invis snipers and other campers).

there is no jetpack in halo 4 so…

Sprint - an understandable evolution in Halo mechanics

Everything else - No

  • Jetpack: Nullifies verticality in maps, makes map control redundant
  • Active Camo: Gimmick - leads to camping, suggests removal of Camo powerup which in turn means there is less movement on the map (to fight for that PU)
  • Hologram: Pointless Gimmick - I guess it doesn’t matter if it’s in, it makes little kids happy which gives me more fodder to kill.
  • Forerunner Vision: Completely absurd to believe that such an ability will reduce camping, if you’ve played Blacklight: Tango Down, you’ll have first-hand experience of this ability and agree with me. Gimmick to make children go ‘Ohhhh Ahhhh’.


> there is no jetpack in halo 4 so…

Supposedly confirmed.

They all unbalance core gampeplay mechanics. But 343 is already going down that path so there’s no stopping the snowball effect now.

This is going to be a really random game with AAs.

why are most people here such downers… none of you guys have played the game, there has been no substantial footage released, yes they have confirmed these things but that doesnt mean it will suck balls

put it this way,

I would rather them have it in the game and make it possible to have games that have no AA’s, then to ditch the idea completely and just have a Halo 3 clone, TRUST ME IT WONT FEEL RIGHT IF THEY TOOK IT AWAY