Let's coordinate times to queue up for matches in Halo 5's ranked Team Arena playlist

Getting games in ranked Team Arena has been difficult lately. So to maximize our chances of getting a match, let’s coordinate a time to search for matches at the same time.

If this works out, we can keep adding future dates to this thread, but to get things started, here’s the first attempt.

  • On Saturday, June 11 from 9pm to 11pm EDT,
  1. boot up Halo 5 and go to ranked multiplayer
  2. change your search preferences to ‘expanded’
  3. search for “Team Arena” (not Solo/Duo Team Arena) matches
  4. enjoy some CTF, Strongholds, and Oddball in the greatest FPS game ever made

optional: recruit some friends to play too!


This is a great idea. I’ll be there


Hey everyone. When we did this in two months ago it was a huge success, with non-stop games for about four hours straight. It’s time to do it again. Here’s the next coordinated session: Saturday, August 6 from 8:45pm to 11:45pm EDT. Log into Halo 5’s ranked Team Arena during that window for some CTF, Strongholds, and Oddball action.


I miss h5 hcs so much I’ll be there


every saturday? i´d love that