Let's build Halo's streaming presence in 2020!

Hi everyone! I’m new to posting OC on Waypoint so I figured I’d say hello! Happy to be part of a group where we can each help build one another’s communities and give tips/tricks as needed and banter about this and that lol. I’m new to streaming on Mixer but have been playing Halo for years, I’m looking to help build the Halo community on Mixer during 2020 (since I don’t see it represented nearly as much as other games). Soon my goal is to set up a giveaway system, putting more copies of the game in peoples hands (or gifting 1 month Game Pass Ultimate to those who already have it). Regardless of what’s planned, stop by the channel if any of this interests you!

P.S. this isn’t F4F, TBH, I’m not going to make promises to follow anyone , but if you’re a Halo streamer or you/your content interests me, I’ll definitely be stopping by to check it out :slight_smile: