Lets bring some humanity back to Halo

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so imo the biggest flaw in Halo 5’s story is that every character was just darn invincible. Like, nothing could possibly shake any of their nerves at all to the point where they could barely even be considered human.

if you look at ever previous Halo game before Halo 5, you’ll find so much relatable NPC’s, characters, and situations:

You got the marines in Halo CE who reach their breaking point and end up crying and going crazy and even shooting you like the one in 343 Guilty Spark. You got the marine in Halo 3 who rambles on and on to himself and has a gun pointing to his head ready to commit suicide because he couldn’t take it anymore, and even in Halo 4 you got the chief himself showing how vulnerable he can be and revealing for the first time any evidence that he’s something more than just some drugged up enhanced soldier.

In Halo 5, I couldn’t see any of this kind of stuff. I know it’s cliche, but it could almost be compared to Power Rangers style of storytelling where every character is so super dooper that nothing can stop him or her, and the only instance where they were vulnerable was at the end when Locke barely made it to the power generator thing and when chief got betrayed by cortana, but even then, I barely saw any emotion in that scene at all.

what Halo Infinite needs to bring back is the realistic style of characters in teh story. I mean, if they wanna make the spartans super dooper and just emotionless, boring, and invincible beings, cool, but at least bring back the dumb, vulnerable, and human marines. I’m talkin’ cigarettes, alcohol abuse, Dear John letters, horrible psychotic episodes: You know, stuff that you would actually expect from human beings who are being bombarded with stress and chaos from war.