Let's break Halo Wars *LOBBY IS NOW OPEN*

I’ve been wanting to try this for quite some time now.
Here are the details:
3 v 3 in Halo Wars (deathmatch)
Everybody takes a turn to take over all the “free” bases and max out their armies (up to 99.) When a player is completed maxing out their army, they destroy all but one base and let the next player do the same thing.
In the end there will be a total population of 594 units on the map. This could be anything from 300 ODSTS vs 20 Scarabs (or something like that.)
One player chooses what ever unit they want, or units. So I might end up choosing 60 ODSTs, with 3 Spartans, and the rest of the units are Vultures. And another player may end up using nothing but Scarabs.
Then after all the players units are made, all 6 players send their units into the middle of the map and engage in a colossal battle to the death. No Leader Powers or Covenant Leaders allowed in the battle.
The whole point is to see which is the most powerful army in Halo Wars.
BTW the players do NOT target other units. Everybody just makes sure their units end up in the middle.
The most likely map that will be used is Fort Dean or Frozen Valley.
This will take place sometime after 5pm.
Send a message to gamertag “UOweMeASteak”

post a vid

> post a vid

I concur.

ill message you, this should be fun :smiley:

Although I personally don’t play Halo Wars much because I don’t enjoy that much about RTS, I still support this. My friend did soemthing like that a while ago, took all the bases against a bot and made maximum amount of Warthogs, when he started moving around it took about two minutes for them all to get moving as it was literally a chaos.

If you get it done, you really need to give us a video, I’ve always wanted to see a huge battle like that in Halo Wars.

Ok I am now waiting in a Halo Wars private lobby. Message me know for an invite. 5 spots remaining

4 slots are still open!

3 spots left

I once had Halo Wars, never really liked it, not my thing, but this sounds insane.

Dooo ittttt.

1 spot remaing

Id love to get involved and i could record it but unfortunately 5pms arent any good for me.

did u record plz