Let's be optimistic here

Let’s try and pick the positives out of all the new news.

Joining a match in progress:
This is the one that made me cringe the most at first, but I went on to think about how few games this would really affect. Also, the reservations I always had on this issue pretty much deal with the stat tracking. In COD, you have no way to tell who got zero kills because they suck or zero kills because they just joined. I would like to see stats by player “slot” in which it shows the gamertag of everyone that filled that slot and what percentage of the game they played. I have grown to think that this truly does have potential, it just needs to be implemented very well. I also hope this doesn’t encourage quitting.

Instant Respawns:
I have trouble finding a place in competitive for this as well but I can definitely see why this would be nice to have in something like big team. Those maps are normally too big for someone to spawn and finish off their killer from their last life. This is also a great way to speed up gameplay without changing too much of the fundamentals.

Random Weapon Drops:
First off, I would like to say that I don’t think this has any place in a competitive playlist but I can see some truly great potential for it in other playlists. Remember, we don’t know much detail about this, it could very well alert all players that rockets are coming and your team would have just as much chance as the other to get the weapon. This would be a great feature for new players who really love using the rockets and get aggravated because they never have a chance to get them.

Customizable Loadouts:
We know that the DMR and BR are both in the game, we can probably assume there will be a couple weapons on the enemy side that will mimic them. Instead of having you vote on a bunch of gametypes, with a bunch of different weapon starts, why not just have you pick your preferred primary and secondary weapon. Now where it gets tricky is everywhere else. I am just going to wait and see exactly what the modifications portion of the loadouts will do and what grenades you get to choose from before I comment on those, but I can buy into this for now.

The Name of Spartan Ops:
First I would like to throw out the possibility of this being a place holder name, in the last sparkast, Frakie mentioned how there is a lot of placeholder material in the game and something as simple as the map names are placeholders, so this might be as well. The good thing about that name is that I know a ton of people who like games like zombies and horde or spec ops but do not like firefight, just the name will give these people who probably wont look into what it is actually about reason to try halo 4 out. I just don’t want this to be compared to spec ops, I want this to be you look to when you think about a cooperative experience.

Also, maybe joining a match in progress and instant respawns were just put in there for testing purposes, who knows.