Let's Be Honest, The Boss Fights In Halo Infinite Suck, This Is How I Would Fix Them

Halo Infinite is not be the first Halo game to have bosses but it definitely continues the trend of making the bosses the worst part of the game.

When they first announced that there would be bosses I, like many was worried, I don’t think I have to remind any of you of Tartarus or the Warden Eternal, but then we got some looks at some of them, like Jega and started getting excited, I could imagine a Marauder (Doom Eternal)like fight with him which would be incredible.

But at last, I am finally able to Halo Infinite and well, to say that they are bad would be an understatement.

Disclaimer, I haven’t completed the game, I am playing through it on Legendary so this post may not be reflective of how the game is on lower difficulties, I’ve just finished blowing up the turrets from the e3 demo.

The Problem: Every boss fight can basically be narrowed down to a small room with a normal enemy (brute or elite) who just happens to be more aggressive, do more damage and be a massive bullet sponge.

With the exception of the monitor from the first tower, none of the bosses (so far) have any interesting mechanics that make them stand put from your regular high ranking enemy (outside of their bs insta kill weapons and insane sponginess)

Thremonius is just a spongy brute captain with a Hydra that instant kills you, or can charge at you from the air and insta kill you

Chak 'Lok (the one I’ve had the most trouble with) is just a spongy gold elite with active camo who will fly around and insta kill you with his sword

Bassus is just a more spongy chieftain who will insta kill you with his hammer (this however is probably one of the few ok boss fights as the arena actually helps a lot and really encourage you to grapple away from him)

Adjutant Resolution is so far the only boss fight I would have called legitimately good but it can really use more attacks and speed, as is he wasn’t able to take down my shield once, but unlike the other bosses I’ve fought, this one has an actual mechanic plus weak points and readable attacks

And finally Tovarus and Hyperius are once again just spongy brutes that can instant kill you

I haven’t gotten far enough to talk about the remaining boss fights

Fixes: Unfortunately, fixing the boss fights isn’t as easy as to just nerf them, that would just make what is already the easiest game in the franchise even easier.

The only way to fix them would be to take them back to the drawing board which will normally not be possible for any game but I think 343 can do it, this is supposed to be the main halo game for the next 10 years so why not take a crack at doing something unprecedented in the gaming industry and completely rework the bosses in the game?

So how do we fix them?

  1. Give the bosses more uniqueness, just how Adjutant gets it’s upgrade before the fight, why not give the bosses that unique element.

Examples: what if Hyperius’ chopper is way more tanky than your regular choppers, but he himself has really low health as soon as he gets taken off the chopper, it can also have a shocking mechanic to keep the player from just hijacking it.

What if Tremonius has a suit similar to prototype suit from Legends, instead of a hydra we can have a modified command that shoots slower but hits harder, as a secondary attack he can have a missile swarm similar to the Cyberdemon from doom 2016 where it highlights a large area where the missiles will land and the player has to get out before getting swarmed.

Chak could have a hard light shield that can only be taken down by over heating it with plasma or shock and once it’s down.

I can’t really think of something for Bassus as I didnt struggle as much as other players with him, maybe some one else can come up with a cool mechanic for him. I guess it would be cool if he couldn’t jump to you but instead has an extra heavy hammer that creates warps in gravity creative paths that damage you however, he takes significantly longer to hit than a normal chieftain.

Adjutant can probably take some attacks from the enforcers from halo 2 to help it’s fight be a little harder

  1. Add weakpoints

A second part to adding this unit mechanics is the addition of weak points, this helps the boss fights not feel so cheap.


Tremonius: can have his jet pack and armour shot down, once you shoot it down, his movement decreases drastically and he looses the Missile Swarm attack. In addition, since this boss fight is now based on his armour, once you shoot it down, he can no longer regenerate his shields.

Chak: Once you blow up his hard light shield, he gets shocked for a small amount of time and his shields drop giving you a window to damage him.

Bassus: Shooting his hammer will case small explosions of gravity staggering him giving you a window to deal damage

Adjutant: can be left as is

Hyperius: the red blades of his Chopper can be shot doing significant extra damage

I think reworking the bosses in this manner can really help them feel better and less cheap as well as more unique and more fun to fight.

What do you guys think of this ideas? Do you have any other ideas on how to improve them? I know it’s not a realistic thing to ask for but I still think it would greatly improve the game.