Let's be honest, Halo infinite multiplayer is empty and bad in terms of content

The poor game is weakened without its Forge. It needs Co-Op and working Custom Games too, and the multiplayer just isn’t enough on its own for player retention without engaging systems.

Likely not coming considering the fact that while yes there has been a number asking for the return of playable Elites, the number of people who actually played as Elites were pretty small. Bit of a waste of resources to make something maybe 10% of the community (at most, maybe) will use. So that means diverting some resources to please a small selection which takes away from the resource pool for more content.

Not to say I’d hate to see it make a return, I’m just stating a possibility for why it likely won’t and why it’s been absent. I believe they talked about this during one of their Q&A vids.

Yes, it is that simple man ahahaha. We gotta stop letting these people lie to us.

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Damn $20 for a paintjob that looks exactly the same as everyone else that bought it. Anybody seen wearing that thing would become the most pathetic person in the lobby…


Yes assisanitions we’re risky as you were exposed but that is the risk-reward decision you had to make… if anything, they were fun and I had my best laughs in any halo game assassinating a scoped in player on a sniper rifle….

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By the same 3 people over and over!

On the flip side because they no longer are held back by the REQ system, it means they can create a far superior version of Warzone in Infinite. Balancing can be fine tuned better, no pay2win mechanics, less bots, etc.

I just feel that Infinite in a lot of ways supports that system.

  1. They could always port stuff from Halo 5 into Infinite. The REQ stations, the variants, etc. are all relatively simple to bring back.
  2. 12v12 maps, AI pathfinding already in place, bosses and enemy variants, weapon/vehicle variants, etc. Are all already in Infinite so I don’t see too many limitations in terms of them bringing it back.
  3. It would open up the possibility of Warzone Firefight.

I just think that they’d be stupid not to, Warzone was a neat mode and it could be better in Infinite. The real issue as I see it would maybe be stuff like bugs/glitches this could lead to but that’s the same for any mode so its low risk high reward.


There is a poll saying that 75% of people want them back….

And more people would use them if they had cool cosmetics like an Honor gaurd or ultra armor…

75% is not of the total playerbase, it’s of the people that voted which is only a small group in comparison. So unless that poll has more than 150k total voters, it’s not representative of the majority of the players I’m afraid.

For starters 10 maps is par for the course for a new game. I’d of been happier with 12 since 3 are exclusive to btn but 10 isnt bare bones.

Warzone was ok but broken because halo multiplayer is about pvp firefights and winning by getting the last shot on a boss worth 1/10th of the points. When you were losing the whole game is b.s.
In a year I would not be surprised if B.R. took its place.

Halo 5 shipped without a forge so this isnt a surprise

They removed a lot of weapons due to redundancy. As far as forerunner weaponry goes the heatwave takes what made the scatter shot interesting and dropped what was redundant (it was another shotgun). The stalker is just a light rifle redressed as a covenant rifle.

Halo infinite is a new engine. You cannot drop old maps in it. Halo 5s maps are stretched out for its sprint mechanics. It would seem open and bare in infinite. Also the grappleshot didnt exist in any other game so it would have to be programmed to work for every inch of surface.

I dont like to play dress up with digital dolls. So armor customization isnt a big deal for me. But I can see how a lot of you have lost your mind over it.

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Why not just try both? Now obviously if a playlist has too little players to support it (matchmaking times and all that) then they can axe it from rotation, but I see no reason why they couldn’t attempt both.

Your talking about a lot of salary paid employees working on a project that was the lead mode on the most hated game in the franchise. Those were huge maps with a lot of a.i. drops on custom servers that could sync up all of that for over 30 players.

I dont see it happening. People want firefight and B.R. and halo infinite has already spent 500 million in development.

They could adapt the old maps, also because many maps present are the same as the old ones or taken of inspiration

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The amount of money already spent on development is sort of irrelevant. The reality is that Warzone would be easier to accomplish than a BR mode and that lots of things about it feeds back into other areas of MP.

They don’t have a skeleton crew working on the game currently, to my knowledge, as I understand it, you have lots of folks working on Campaign related stuff (writers, actors, etc.) and you have lots of people working on MP side of things. Now I wouldn’t be so bold as to predict what 343i will do exactly in 2022, but regardless I think Infinite is bound to have about 5 years of support, just judging by its popularity and warm reception, so I think its inevitable that they will try tons of things with Infinite, Warzone being the most obvious example I can think of.

This is all just fun speculation/theorycrafting here, it is almost impossible to predict 343i because we have no roadmap or anything.

Its like you’re listing content that wasn’t designed for the game. They were taken away perhaps because they had other ideas in mind. But we ask for them, eventually we could get stuff.
Not every Halo game will feature all of the same weaponry. We don’t always need classic maps remade. Sure they are amazing. Its always fun playing them with new Halo releases. Enjoy what we are given, not always asking for old stuff.

You hope they don’t wait until the end of the season to add more content? That is fine. However, its the end of the year, Christmas has just passed us, and New Years is five days away. They do need more content, for sure. Give it some time and we will get it. Hopefully not too late.

Its a good starting point. People need to consider their thoughts more before making endless threads with the same complaints.

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I really don’t understand what you mean. Because you can kill a person with a back smack, there no gameplay purpose or balance to assassinations. It’s just a worse version of the back smack. There’s been so many times that an opponent has returned the flag or held a capture zone because my dumb teammate chose to assassinate the opponent instead of just kill them.

The only purpose of assassinations is to gloat, like teabagging.

If you like them, that’s fine, but it serves no gameplay purpose. I don’t get what you mean by saying that there was a balance to them.

Again, if back smacks weren’t in the game, then assassinations would have a balance to them. You get a one-hit kill with the risk of being vulnerable for the duration of the animation.

And what say you of the fact warzone was the main mode for the most hated game in the halo community. You think it will take priority?

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It would take just as lo g to port old maps as it does to make new ones. The only reason ports exist because they are tried and true favorites.

Yeah but that wasn’t the reason it was hated… This is like saying Invasion shouldn’t be brought back because Reach was unpopular…

I mean the REQ system itself wasn’t very beloved, but obviously if they brought Warzone back it wouldn’t have those microtransactions so :man_shrugging:

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They had to be careful not to overwhelm / unbalance the sandbox. We got a solid selection of weapons to start with. Some take a bit of getting used to - but that’s expected.

As time goes on I’m sure some will be tweaked… some new ones added… and other’s removed.

And hopefully they can bring back some of the classics for Forge / Customs next year.

I doubt the maps simply cut and paste.

Besides… I think it’s important that we have new maps to start with. Give Infinite’s sandbox a bit of time to breathe before we go back to the well.

Classic maps never play as well as you remember. Nostalgia demands that the new version immediately plays like you remember - even though what you remember are the 1 in a 100 epic games that happened.

They would sell like hotcakes… except that hardly anyone ended up using them.

People are already complaining that they don’t have time to finish a fight and get away before the vultures descend. Who is going to hang around for 15 seconds to show off an assassination.

I’m sure some sort of PVE is coming. Personally I liked Firefight more than Warzone - but I’m not the target audience for this.