Let's be honest, Halo infinite multiplayer is empty and bad in terms of content

Honestly speaking, this game is the worst game in the entire series in terms of customization and multiplayer game content.
I start by saying that I’m talking exclusively about content and customizations, in fact I’m loving the mechanics and gameplay of this game and multiplayer

The only thing I noticed is that a lot of things have been removed, here is a small list:
-Where are all the forerunner weapons? (i know that they aren’t on the campaign but why they remove it from the multi?)
-Where’s warzone? Seriously one of the best ideas that have been introduced with Halo 5 is gone like nothing
-Where are all the assassination moves? Oh right probably i have to pay 20 bucks for each one…
-Why they don’t add the old maps which are already ready and I have to play the usual 3 maps repeated over and over again?
-Where are all the vehicles?
-Where are all the Convenant weapons?
-Where are all the UNSC weapons just like SAW or laser?
-Where are all the helmets and armor?
-not to mention the battle pass on which I spread a merciful veil…

This was a small list of some very important things (there are many more) that they have taken away and that I sincerely hope they can add in the not too distant future. I also hope that the 343 does not wait for the end of the season to update with new content because by doing so the game could die sooner than expected and this would be very disapointet for me because I have waited a long time for this halo.

I also know the game has just come out but when I see things like “meowlnir” with cat ears (10 bucks) or iron man 20 bucks skins I get angry knowing what is becoming halo
I’d also like to hear your opinion on the merits, but in general I think this is the worst halo in multiplayer (I loved the gameplay and mechanics).


Porting process is not as simple as people think it is. Not to mention that they would definitely do playtesting and make sure that it would work in the context of Infinite. Like if they were to remake Guardian from Halo 3 for example, they would have to build it from ground up. Now maybe Halo 5 ports would be easier/simpler to do but that would get flak because its a new game and people want new maps.

Everything else you said though I agree with. Infinite needs a lot more content.


I wouldn’t say ground up. They rebuilt the assets for the MCC unity port and most likely have the 4K assets and textures. Sure they might need to do some work but it would definitely not be that hard from a million dollar studio


I think with the new sprint mechanics and clamber and grapple shot they would need to look very carefully at the old maps and how they would work.

Would love to see some make an appearance though!

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Warzone isn’t coming back. It was a means to sell req packs. Nothing more. Promethean weapons aren’t coming back. The vast majority of players PANNED those weapons. They’ve already said assassinations didn’t “fit within the new sandbox” etc etc etc


Would depend heavily on the engine, which is entirely new to this game. They definitely have the ability, but the scope of the actual work is anyone’s guess.

Assassinations are pointless, they’re a waste of time, leaving your vulnerable, and bad for team play. If they add assassinations as a paid extra, I swear I will ‘yoink’ kills at every opportunity I get.

Assassinations would be a good mechanism if back smacks were taken out of the game completely. That would make better gameplay sense and canonical sense as well. However, I’m sure there would be an uproar if they removed back smack.


That warzone was born to make money on REQ was known, but that doesn’t mean it makes sense to totally remove it. They could just change the mechanics a bit by removing the cards and adding a new system. Then with the new bosses that have been seen in the campaign this mode would have been even more beautiful.

Promethean weapons were panned by people? What are you talking about? I’ve never seen the community complain about this.

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I totally disagree with what you said. Sorry but the meaning of the assassination is precisely to make the game more characteristic and fun and honestly I love the animations of the assassinations because they gave a great satisfaction even of they waste a Little of time like you said.

Also I want to remind you that the assassinations were optional and those like you who did not appreciate them could deactivate them without problems. Removing them is not the right solution I just think they want to make money on that too.

This is another of those things that the 343 has done just to satisfy the community of very few people who want to play esports style, not caring about the majority


Wouldnt surprise me if the Multiplayer was done in under 2 years.
That would explain the very late flighting and lack of everything.
Its sad

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HONESTLY, where is everything at???
This is why Halo 5 is being brought up in the Infinite forums and being praised as a better game with weapons / gameplay.


No, they had a balance to them and you just didn’t know when and how to use them.
“ pRo pLaYeRs “ liked them, but NEEDED them disabled when in tournaments and to speed up matches.

Ranked players ( SOME OF THEM ) prefer them disabled to speed up matches.

I do agree with your last statement on “ Back smacks “ were removed, this would literally force players on when to flash an assassination.
If 343 Industries chooses to bring them back, then there would need to be a counter / reversal mechanic to them like in Battlefield.

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Not every match is a sweat some people just wanna have fun. That aside if your good enough you could pull of an assassination and be fine along with your team. As long as you have the option to turn it off what’s the big deal?


6 years development. any additional content is several months away.

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It needs more and way better maps. The maps are practically remixes of old maps. Which isn’t necessarily a terrible thing but the maps are just lack luster really. I figured by now we would have more interactive maps. I love how you can shoot the ice down on Lockdown in H2A or the moving platforms on Torque in H5. On Bazaar do those big doors even move? I don’t think they do…even the big doors on Terf in H2 moved. Also most of the maps play so similar… A lot of corridors and CQC style fighting. Some new more diverse maps with some good interaction and more open would be nice.

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Back smack one hit kills should be replaced with assassination at least in QP and BTB. It is the risk vs reward with cool animation to boot.

Where are the playable sangheili that are overdue by a decade


And even then Halo 5 had nothing as well.

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Well, the CM did say this is the new model and I took that as a very bad thing for Halo. Drip-feeding content stripping the game to Barbone to sell to the player base a piece at a time making sure the shop is up and running well shows exactly where 343/Microsoft stands.

Some say this is the closest it has been to the original Halo which by the way is literally a lie that they tell themselves to justify this very poor business practice.

  1. Halo never had sprint.
  2. Halo never had a grappling hook and all the other equipment that is used in this game.
  3. Halo never had the ability to climb.
  4. Halo never had the collision removed from the game.
  5. Halo never had a shop and it never needed one to make it successful financially, or to have a healthy player base. In fact, the original Halo made the franchise $5 billion.
  6. Halo was never stripped of its theme when adding weapons/vehicles/gear/ MP maps as this game literally has been.
  7. As far as I know, co-op was never removed, and by doing so it ruined the experience of playing the campaign knowing how short it is, and how Barbone it actually is.
  8. Vehicles were never rendered useless as they are with how the open would/campaign was designed. Sorry, it was a major flop 343. You seriously need to play your own game or at least see how vehicles work like the tank that is literally too damn big for the terrain and gets stuck on everything in the open world.
  9. The AI in the campaign/open world was never as useless as they are in this game. Not even one of them will drive a vehicle among a few other stupid things like getting killed when requesting a vehicle drop, etc…
  10. The original Halo’s were never designed to be based around Esports. Overbalancing the game never happened and it made the game a lot more fun. This “balancing” Hog Wash has made this game boring. There are just some things 343 needs to leave alone, meaning if it works, stop breaking it thinking “you are fixing it” because you are not and Halo Reach alone in MCC shows you don’t know what you are doing. You broke the game.

I could go on, but for those that say Infinite “feels like Halo” stop lying to yourself and new players trying to justify 343’s very poor business practices because it literally shows you don’t have the slightest clue on what you are even talking about.

Most of all, Halo had decent writers that IMO Staten should have actually been the one who created infinite story.