Let's Be Appreciative About Hidden Ranks

You wanted skill based ranks back? We got them. Yes, it is not a perfect system but at least now we can see what rank we are. If you really want to see how good you compare to others you can use common sense to find out that the people you are paired up with are around your rank. If that’s not enough, I’m sure there will be The Arena.

I remember people just saying that they just wanted to have ranks back, that they wanted a trueskill system that actually worked and put them up against others that are near their skill level. Well there we go we have it. It’s not perfect but it does address the issues with the 1-50 system that Frankie mentioned.

Source for hidden ranks.

Hell I like rank, but a little tweaks and turns with it arn’t gonna stop me from enjoying the game. In the end it’s just a number and a fancy symbol.


That second post he made is one of the stupidest things I have ever read.

How exactly would he know what 45+ was like when he never played 45+ in any ranked playlist? Is this how 343 makes their decisions? Based off pure ignorance and assumption?

> source?

So is it or is it not a 1-50? I’m a bit confused?

Source for hidden ranks.

I’ve updated the OP to include the source.

> So is it or is it not a 1-50? I’m a bit confused?

It is not a 1-50, but some sort of hidden rank system so that only you can see your rank and not others.