Let's all get together and play Halooo!

Okay, so I was thinking. We’re all on these forums for the same reason. We like Halo and we like to play Halo. While we have a little community going on in these forums, there seems to be a division between us in the actual game. I don’t have many people to play Halo with, and from what I’ve ready, neither do a lot of you. Instead of playing alone, we should add each other so we’ll have people to play with.

The purpose of this thread is to do just that in preparation for the MCC AND for future battle buddies once the game is released.

If you’re interested, post your GT and the game you enjoy playing most currently on the 360, as well as the game you’ll be playing most once the collection comes out.

I also encourage you to add other players in the thread instead of just posting your GT and expecting others to add you.

GT: Mr Bouncerverse

Try recruiting in the recruiting forums

What aokiji said, but my GT is slain Valhallan.

Oh -Yoink-, I didn’t even know there were recruiting forums.

I’ll play, but I’m going to Halo 2 multiplayer first.