"Let's add challenges to a game mode that doesn't exist"

Laughs in large amounts of cash

Just, Why?

At this point I’m not even surprised or that disappointed at this point, just and immense feeling of being let down.


Wait until 10:00 AM PST.

Challenge reset likely happened at the same time to be consistent with it’s cycle, but the update was supposed to be at 10:00 AM PST which is in 38 minutes.

If it’s not added that time - then we do have a problem lol.

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The way the monetization in this game has been going I could see them not releasing a new game mode till later in the week but for today, add more challenge swap bundles to the store

The whole event doesn’t start for 8 minutes. Patience my friend, Fiesta is almost here! :]

“Let’s not use our brains and type useless posts instead of being patient and waiting for the devs to add the mode” would be a more appropriate title for your thread.

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Its up and running now. Heres hoping fiesta is not just here for the event.